January 2012 – Antigravity Magazine
Thou, You Have Much To Answer For


Slingshots, Anyone? : Resolutions

I’ve been in denial about this month’s column (or lack thereof) for some weeks now. Flirting halfheartedly with a few disjointed themes, I tried exploring the depths of a recent spell of nihilism, but no…Read full article

Beats Per Month: New Year’s Revolutions

Recently, I began picking up Dub 45s from local record stores to supplement the void left by the ever decreasing Drum&Bass vinyl market. It allows me to get back to my roots of digging through…Read full article

From The Editor: Amateur Hour

Dammit. How long did it take y’all to figure out that I misspelled Mannie Fresh’s name on the cover of last month’s issue? Probably a lot less time than it did for me, when glancing…Read full article


Thou, You Have Much To Answer For

Staring at a counter full of Thou releases, patches and t-shirts is kind of like perusing the tourist shop just outside the gates of Hell. As singer and visual mastermind Bryan Funck explains each release…Read full article