March 2012 – Antigravity Magazine
Lucky Lou


Guidance Counseling: Masters of the Obvious

Welcome back Paul Caporino! As the nucleus behind the legendary Masters of the Obvious (Or MOTO for short), Caporino has crafted hundreds of garage-pop gems for almost three decades now. He’s a regular leather-clad, bayou-bred…Read full article

From The Editor: Hello Me, It’s Me Again

“Hello me, it’s me again”  –Dave Mustaine You’ve been hearing from me plenty these past seven-plus years, so I don’t think an introduction is quite necessary, but just in case: Hi, my name is Dan….Read full article

Beats Per Month:The Next Generation

As we all know, there is a serious lack of recreation for the youth of New Orleans. Far too many kids end up running the streets and causing trouble for others as well as themselves….Read full article

Slingshots, Anyone? : An Existentialist Mardi Gras

The rain was coming down torrentially all afternoon, threatening to wash out Endymion. Which wouldn’t have bothered me very much. In relation to the rest of the population of New Orleans, Mardi Gras is an…Read full article

Paw Talk: KiloHURTS!

The vast and open warehouse covers a surprisingly large space for being stuck in the middle of buildings so close to one another that they could be deemed cozy; a post-punk band is set up…Read full article

The Rational Radicant: (File)Sharing Is Caring

The Stop Online Piracy Bill (SOPA) was so broadly written it would have empowered large corporations with the ability to shut down whole websites and have the potential to take the domain hostage just for…Read full article


Lucky Lou

Jermy Tassin from the Magnolia Projects evolved to become LuckyLou, a 25-year-old rapper, dancer and community leader. For the past two and a half years Tassin, with his own big cast of young, positive characters,…Read full article