June 2012 – Antigravity Magazine
House of Sound: A Look Back from the Music Box Family


Meet Our Summer Intern: Micah D!

Hello ANTIGRAVITY readers, I’d like to start off by saying how glad I am that you have taken the time to read this. This is my first article so I’ll just be introducing myself to…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Ms. Charm Taylor

You may remember the formidable Ms. Charm Taylor standing defiantly on the cover of our February issue with her bandmates in the Honorable South. This past May they released a video for their single “Beast”…Read full article

Slingshots, Anyone? : Let Down And Hanging Around

We crossed the dark intersection, sizing up the venue’s entrance. “I don’t know if it’s gonna happen,” Cameron remarked. Smoke and chatter rose from the nearby crowd, penned shoulder to shoulder behind iron barricades—imbuing the…Read full article

The Radical Radicant: Bless Ewe

I laugh at the idea of a Christian conservative running for office or even holding office when the very idea of government is one of the things the alleged Jesus preached against. by today’s standards,…Read full article

Paw Talk: Cats Are Assholes

It’s been about twelve hours since she was bitten. Dr. E lies in the back of a van, slowly waking to the thick, incessant throbbing in her right arm. Her body is prickly with chills…Read full article


House of Sound: A Look Back from the Music Box Family

The musical art installation “Dithyrambalina” (or “Music Box”) started as a cardboard model of an ornate house, built by New York street artist Callie Curry, aka Swoon. Each room in the proposed 45 foot house…Read full article

True Bromance with Boonparn and Loomis

You would never guess at first glance that these two guys would be friends at all. Art Boonparn, a soft-voiced Thai-by-way-of-Connecticut Tulane student seemed like the yin to Louie Bankston’s Cajun maniac yang. But then…Read full article

Sparks Fly with Rob Cambre and Thurston Moore

If you weren’t a subtle person, you might think of noisy, improvisation-oriented guitarist Rob Cambre as the “Thurston Moore of New Orleans.” For one thing, Cambre has the balls to get up in front of…Read full article


Last month, we lost a great innovator of hardcore, hip-hop, funk, film and humanity. Adam Yauch – MCA of the Beastie Boys – passed away on the fourth of May, 2012. His passing has brought…Read full article

Bon Jour Bonnaroo

Now that summer is officially kicked off, it’s time for music lovers and art enthusiasts to decide (and budget for) which music festivals will infiltrate their souls and continue to inspire their passions throughout the…Read full article

How To Be A Bonnaroo Blackbelt

•Book a hotel room for the Wednesday night before the camping grounds open. The earlier you arrive on Thursday, the better camping spot you can potentially get. You’re trying to avoid a lengthy walk to…Read full article