August 2012 – Antigravity Magazine
Mouthing Off With Madeline


D&B For Dummies: An Electronic Music Primer With The House DJ

Deep in Marrero, miles away even from the Expressway, inside an otherwise fully domesticated house, through its kitchen, past the laundry room and finally into the walled-in garage, a red “on air” light glows from…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Meschiya Lake

Meschiya Lake is one of New Orleans’ most adored female vocalists. She plays tirelessly around town with her Little Big Horns, charming crowds with dulcet tones, all the while keeping the true spirit of jazz…Read full article

Beats Per Month: Christmas Comes Early

A few weeks ago, Siberia held a record raid and if you didn’t make it, you either have no interest in vinyl, you were trapped under a rock or you drank too much the previous night….Read full article

Paw Talk: The Good, The Bad and The Squeaky

Picture it: the frayed rope toy in between you and your dog. You’re pulling; your dog is pulling, both of you growling. Your dog accidentally loses bite and quickly pops back, trying to grab the…Read full article

The Radical Radicant: Insomnia 6574

A cat fight screaming sets off a dog barking, which sets off all the dogs barking; soon it’s a cacophony of dogs and as if conducted by a drunken symphony conductor, a random scream is…Read full article

All Age Page

A perfect way to end the month of June was the Southern Lord showcase at the Big Top. This tour consisted of Black Breath, Martyrdod, Burning Love and Enabler. This had to be the best metal tour passing through New Orleans, hands down….Read full article


Mouthing Off With Madeline

Madeline Adams (also sometimes known as simply “Madeline”) was born and raised in Athens, Georgia, one of America’s most musically rich and innovative cities. So it’s no wonder she’s found herself gripped by a persistent…Read full article

The Weirdest Man In Show Business: Gibby Haynes Targets New Orleans

Gibby Haynes is known in music circles for two things: as the lead vocalist-agent-provocateur of the Butthole Surfers and for being an abject madman, a bullhorn-wielding, Rush Limbaugh-taunting, hand-igniting lysergic nightmare. He’s also known as…Read full article

Roots Music: Jamming with the Plants at the Greenhouse Sessions

Rain clouds gathered overhead as I navigated my boat-like Ford SUV into a forgotten sliver of Lakeview. Upon arrival, the camera was rolling as August Cuny, armed solely with his acoustic guitar, began serenading an…Read full article

HIDE THE DOG!: Community Records Hits the Road (Summer ’12 Edition)

Touring has become one of the aspects of my life that I look forward to the most. For me, it’s the thing that makes waking up at 6 am, 5 days a week to go…Read full article

Drawn And Quartered at The San Diego Comic-Con

The weeks leading up to the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) were sweat-inducing and panic-riddled. I had been promised three all-access passes to the SDCC from an LSU football ticket scalper; and on that promise I…Read full article