November 2012 • VOL 10.1 • #100


Paw Talk: Active Cats are Happy Cats

When an indoor cat is screaming and clawing at the windows, I immediately think of prison: the window as a jail cell, constricting the feline’s innate need to roam, the cat a convict still alive…Read full article

The Rational Radicant: Election After Party

Hope you get this important article in time for the big day, folks. Me, I mailed in my ballot and after you read this piece on the other contenders, it’ll be pretty clear which American…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: The Pharmacy

Though they make their bed-head in Seattle, New Orleans can lay partial claim to the Pharmacy, a scruffy garage-pop trio who spent the better part of a year soaking up some of our city’s vibes…Read full article

Beats Per Month: Breaking Down Breakbeats

Music has been an integral part of my life for years and shortly after my ninth birthday I began experimenting with different instruments. The desire to create music has been with me almost my entire…Read full article

Random Disjointed Brain Farts: Short End of the Wishbone

Ah, Thanksgiving… Another holiday reliant solely upon the greed and gluttony of American culture; or at least that’s what it has morphed into over the centuries. Just another opportunity for your family to come over,…Read full article


Growing Up Fast with the Bywater Boys

Often, when driving up Chartres Street in Bywater at night, across from Elizabeth’s restaurant, you will see the silhouette of a young boy pounding a drum kit beneath the traffic camera. Frank (age 11) and…Read full article

Start the Presses: The hard-fought rebirth of the New Orleans Community Printshop

[Editor’s note: throughout their official literature and website, the New Orleans Community Printshop uses the single-word portmanteau “Printshop.” AG followed their lead.] The November 10 grand reopening of the New Orleans Community Printshop and Darkroom is an…Read full article

A Handful of Fringe: Looking Back on NOLA’s Most Eccentric Theatre Fest

Five years ago, scattered sparks were woven together by a community of dedicated performers and arts enthusiasts to form what has become one of New Orleans’ most popular festivals, Fringe Fest. Held yearly, Fringe has…Read full article

Tideland Keeps the Ghosts Company

From the many-headed gentle beast that is Virginia hardcore – the same gracious creature that spouted Pygmy Lush, Pizza and Pg. 99 – comes Tideland, featuring members of those bands and a few more. It’s…Read full article

NEVER Nuggets

The Never Records jewel-tipped record lathe has been steadily etching the analog soundwaves of New Orleans musicians for the last 5 weeks. I reviewed 65 of the tracks to see how many gems I could…Read full article

The Infinite Toy Chest of Vox and the Hound

They’ve got heart. They’ve got brains. Now… they’ve got Courage, the debut LP of New Orleans-bred Vox and the Hound, released this month. After being fortunate enough to see a live preview at the Living…Read full article

Lonesome Dove: On the Couch with James Hayes

James Hayes was groomed from infancy to be a singer-songwriter. He was babysat by ex-members of Eyehategod, was once picked up from school by Trent Reznor and attended (and booked) punk shows on Frenchmen Street…Read full article

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Reviews, November 2012

Books T.GERONIMO JOHNSON HOLD IT ‘TIL IT HURTS (COFFEE HOUSE) It begins as a tale of two brothers’ provenance: Afghanistan war-weary veterans Achilles and Troy return from a tour of duty to find their adoptive…Read full article