Horroscopes: Who’s in Your House?

Published  January 2013

Yeah! Happy 2013! We are alive, the world still exists and the planets keep spinning and turning and churning and screwing with our lives. So here is just enough of a peek into your year to keep you on your toes and a little ahead of the game.

Capricious- adj. Suddenly and unpredictably changing in attitude or behavior; impulsive; fickle. This characteristic of our beloved goats can drive us a bit crazy when one minute you are laughing and the next you are crying. But this characteristic will save your hide in 2013. Many big changes are expected for Capricorns, from careers to family units. But don’t worry, for headstrong goats are usually prepared for the cold months, know how to get around them and always end up standing tall on the other side. The beginning of your year will be deep in conversation about the changes to come. Be like your nature and prepare.

Well Aquarius, how do I put this… all signs say beware: It’s gonna be a really rough year ahead for you. After several good, inspiring years, things change in a way that leads you to start seeing what is wrong with certain situations. It is important for you not to focus on your upcoming struggles, but to endure them and make something wonderful out of the process. To everything its turn and for good reason, believe it or not.

The planet Neptune will arrive and stay in your house for the next 13 years. Neptune has many characteristics that rule over the little Pisces fishies, so expect a new fantastical journey to emerge in your life, one that is worth working hard for and spending a lot of energy on, for it may be with you until 2026. Even though you have had some struggles in the past year, 2013 looks to smooth out and begin a brand new chapter in your life.

Aries usually enjoys action over the process of deeper connections and thought. But “tough titty” said the kitty, because Uranus passes through your house for the next 7 years, then is gone for the following 80. This will bring your more understanding and reflective self to the forefront, even though this opposes your general nature. This is a very lucky time for you, as you will gain much of the wisdom of your life in the upcoming few years. Whatever age you are, these are some good years ahead for you. Be sure to appreciate them.

When nothing bad happens, consider that good fortune. Taurus should look for a mediocre nothing special sort of year for 2013. No new planets arriving and not much changing leads to a stable and yet mostly uneventful year. It sounds horribly boring, but this is just how Taurus likes things. If you are a Taurus who is horribly bored with your 2013 horoscope, then please feel free to trade with the closest Aquarius you know.

Did you survive 2012? Are you still with us, Geminis? Well, whatever looks like a lucky year ahead in 2013 to the rest of the world actually came from some seriously hard work in the year prior. So sit back and enjoy some of the fruits of your labor coming through. Also, give thanks to big Jupiter’s pull on your house. It will be with you until July, pouring down all of its luck and blessings on you. And don’t worry (well, maybe worry) because you will spend the remainder of the year trying to survive what that luck has brought you.

2013 is your year to relax before 2014 hits you. Your year will be relatively uneventful until June, when you will start to feel Jupiter entering your house and all your big fun begins. This year, you will find time to focus on family and close friendships and just let the year roll along lightly while you prepare for the good fortunes of the next phase to begin. This may be the year to buy a piece of property and consider the future. So start your savings plan now. Not next week, now!

A new and unusual side of your family life will unfold, giving you a new perspective of how you view the world. Things have not been about the “king” for a while and you have sat there patiently waiting for things to change. Well keep waiting. The spotlight on your life may not return to you until the latter part of 2014. And do not be weary with the lack of luster in your life; you have been known to reap the benefits of others’ good fortunes.

In the past few years, Virgos may have found themselves stalling while trying to figure out the ins and outs, losing themselves in all of the small details. Well, 2013 finds you thinking in another manner. Virgos will tend to look at the bigger picture and see what is really important in life, instead of picking away at all of the trivialities that are ultimately leading to their selfinflicted past unhappiness. Virgos will celebrate their victories in 2013 and not pick apart their failures.

Maybe it is high time Libras get a break. Don’t ever look in the rear view mirror because the past doesn’t predict the future. As of January 1st, 2013, Libra will be on the rise (or ascendant). This means some big talking opportunities may be presented to you. And it may seem like you have a part in a lot of activities. Try to keep it all in balance and keep your feet on the ground. Don’t let others’ big words keep you from keeping yourself in the main focus.

So pesky Saturn has been hanging around your house since October and doesn’t plan on leaving until the end of 2014. And it is clear as day that Saturn is as uncomfortable in Scorpio as it could be anywhere, since this planet of order and conduct contradicts the basic unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of Scorpio. You may find yourself in a power struggle between these two opposing forces until it leaves your house (um, yes; not until the end of 2014. Sorry, it’s not forever ever).

This is the year you will see change: change that you create for yourself. It may not seem like a big change, but it will lead to big differences in your life. This will all come with little effort and can be credited to Venus entering your house, giving you a greater feeling of renewal and acceptance to change. Friends and family will try to influence your decisions this year but you really have it all under control. Be creative and stop to realize wisdom can come from even the smallest child.

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