January 2013 • VOL 10.3 • #102


Guidance Counseling: Blowfly

What do the Predator, Godzilla and George W. Bush have in common? They’re all going to get F’ed by Clarence “Blowfly” Reid if he has his way. Blowfly, who may have actually invented rap music,…Read full article

Horroscopes: Who’s in Your House?

Yeah! Happy 2013! We are alive, the world still exists and the planets keep spinning and turning and churning and screwing with our lives. So here is just enough of a peek into your year…Read full article

Random Disjointed Brain Farts: Racing Through the Roadblocks

There are few things I love more than barreling down the open road at 80+ MPH, blaring some of my favorite tunes, watching the scenery scroll past as the stars and moon in the rural…Read full article

Paw Talk: Tame Your Wild Cat

Anyone who has moved with a feline friend knows this: cats despise change. Many do not adjust well to a new setting and it takes their owners extra effort to familiarize them with their new…Read full article

The Rational Radicant: No Cure for Chaos

The shooting in Sandy Hook was a horrible event. When a son kills his own mother, right there you have an incredibly disturbed individual or an incredibly dysfunctional situation. I’m sure a lot of people…Read full article


All People Hit the Road, One French Fry at a Time

If only all people were like All People, the world would be a more sincere and hardworking place. You won’t meet a more likeable group of young men who are committed to crafting and promoting…Read full article

Bottoms Up with Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers

For those familiar with the unabashed, piss-and-vinegar Southern rock stylings of the Drive-By Truckers, Mike Cooley is affectionately known as “The Stroker Ace” (please see the 1983 Burt Reynolds-driven cinematic masterpiece of the same name…Read full article

50 Cubic Centimeters of Death

Moped Order of New Orleans member Eric Russell signaled the start of the moped rally’s big ride by circling his finger above his head and yelling “15 minutes!” Moped riders from across the nation exercise-biked…Read full article

Enough is Never Enough for Not Enough Fest

Have you had enough of us saying not enough? Not enough of what? So glad you asked! Not enough women and queer people in punk and DIY music in New Orleans, of course. Getting from…Read full article

Spit and Tears: Hedwig and the Angry Inch Work With What They Got

An East Berlin glam-punk singer with a botched sex change operation, the search for a soulmate or the healing freedom in finding wholeness within yourself— however you describe it, Hedwig and the Angry Inch has…Read full article

Broken Teeth and Dirty Sheets: A Jawbreaker Fan’s Wet Dream

It was a couple of months of anticipation and uncertainty, but finally that cardboard package with the familiar 4F stamp pressed on the back, between borders of yellow and pink tape, was in my hands….Read full article

New City Blues: New Orleans’ Iconic Commune Sits at the Crossroads

We’re jazzed to have Derek back in the ranks of ANTIGRAVITY this month. He was the perfect person to share his perspective on Nowe Miasto, New Orleans’ longstanding communal living space and progressive anchor, as…Read full article

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Reviews, January 2013

Books NEIL YOUNG WAGING HEAVY PEACE (BLUE RIDER PRESS) Of those who have a certain last name, it is said that no matter how old they get, they will forever be Young. None has borne…Read full article