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February 2013 • VOL 10.4 • #103


Beats per Month: 2013 is for the Heads

I may be a month late, but let me start by saying happy new year. By now, most of us are probably still reeling from the over-indulgences of Mardi Gras; however, we all live in…Read full article

Paw Talk: Interspecies Love Song

One thing was certain: the raccoons living under my house and in the backyard tree were not friends with the cats in the neighborhood. One night, in the early morning hours while I was up…Read full article

The Rational Radicant: It’ll Be Bad Before Better, Babe

Happy Mardi Gras! (air horn, confetti, stumble, puke, piss, police siren, handcuffs) Whoops; hope you don’t end up in jail. Remember: if you go in anytime before Mardi Gras, you won’t get out until after;…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: The Pink Slips

There’s always that one special moment during certain Mardi Gras parades when a band float passes by and surprise! It’s not some lukewarm Dixieland cheez or the Air Force retirement squad, but rather the Pink…Read full article

Horrorscopes: Star-Crossed Love

Aaaah! Pink and red fluffyhearted capitalism, mixed with the smell of leftover Mardi Gras, is thick in the air: the perfect combination for romance. But remember, American holidays do not control your love life—you (and…Read full article

From the Editor: New Deals and New Attitudes

Despite this season of debauchery and general can’tgiveafuckery, I started my spring cleaning early. And as I do every few years when time and unemployment permit, I flipped my house inside out and shuffled all…Read full article


Call of the Sirens: Tales of a Mardi Gras Dance Krewe Rookie

In other news that may surprise you, dear readers, I was once a dancer. It seems most parents enroll their little girls in ballet at some point, though for most it’s a shortlived phase to…Read full article

Mix Tapes and Dance Contests for Native America

Four years ago, Native America was only a creative thought of Ross Farbe, who played percussion and keyboard along with bass player John St. Cyr in Sun Hotel, one of Loyola University’s musician collective. Meanwhile,…Read full article

Eat Party Rally Boot Repeat: Antigravity’s Mardi Gras Buffet

DAN’S HUMMUS Someone recently told me they wanted to swim in my hummus; I don’t know what’s so special about it but I have been making this dish for a long time, ever since my…Read full article

Tales from a Horror City: Creeping Hemlock Press, New Orleans’ Fear-Fiction Powerhouse

I know some busy people, but there are few who could keep pace with Julia and RJ Sevin, the New Orleans husband-and-wife team who run the acclaimed independent genre press Creeping Hemlock… among many other…Read full article

Chuck Dukowski Keeps it in the Family

If you were going to compile a list of the most influential early punk/hardcore bands in America, you’d have to include Black Flag. Likewise, if you were going to name record labels in the ‘80s…Read full article

How Sweet the Sound: Inside the Live Wires and Bent Circuits of the Noisician Coalition

Every Mardi Gras, it begins the same way. A barrage of text messages assault my cellphone, all bearing the same all-caps headline: ATTENTION! ATTENTION! INCOMING TRANSMISSION! Then coded instructions start flowing in regarding shady meeting…Read full article

Stones Fans Rule, Editors Drool

A dear, good friend of mine and a man whose music taste I appreciate (who also happens to be the editor of this local rock’n’roll publication for this deprived rock’n’roll town) just sent me a…Read full article

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Reviews, February 2013

Books ALAN LIGHT THE HOLY OR THE BROKEN: LEONARD COHEN, JEFF BUCKLEY, & THE UNLIKELY ASCENT OF “HALLELUJAH” (ATRIA BOOKS) It still maintains a hold on us, this song of longtime troubadour/ writer/poet Leonard Cohen’s…Read full article