Guidance Counseling: The Pink Slips

Published  February 2013

Pink Slips There’s always that one special moment during certain Mardi Gras parades when a band float passes by and surprise! It’s not some lukewarm Dixieland cheez or the Air Force retirement squad, but rather the Pink Slips, chugging garagecured, snarling rock’n’roll into the streets. The lineup is always an interesting cast of NOLA musicians and this year (the band’s 13th) is no different: backing up Slips’ founder Sue Ford is husband Jimmy on drums, Dave Catching on guitar, Tony Maimone and Eddy Payne alternating on bass, Sean Yseult on keyboards, Eric Laws on guitar and keyboards and a chorus of vocal talent that includes Susan Cowsill, Catherine Morlino and Gina Carter. With such an all-star lineup, this month’s therapy group is really getting their co-pay’s worth. You can get your own carnival catharsis by catching the Pink Slips in the Krewe of Nemesis (in da Parish!), Krewe of Muses, February 8th at One Eyed Jack’s and in the Krewe of Tucks. And remember, if you don’t catch them before Fat Tuesday, you’re going to have to wait until next Mardi Gras to get you some Pink Slips!

Pink Slips

I went to a wedding with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and it was really nice to see him “cleaned up”, so much so that I wish he would do it a little more. What can I say to him that might get him to dress up a little more and not be the gruffy grunge dude he usually is?


Tell your man he could only aspire to look as good as Jimmy Ford does in his “fancy pants”. Polyester all the way baby. He is always the stylin’ dude. He wears his pants so tight he drives the girls and sometimes the guys wild. So encourage him to get his ass on the stairmaster, and when he does, make sure you let him know how great and sexy he looks. Men can never hear that enough. We hate to quote ZZ Top but “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man!”

I have the week off from work and am dying to get out of town. Problem is I have practically no money so I’m looking for somewhere cheap. Suggestions?

Go to the Atchafalaya Basin and rent a houseboat. They tow you out into the swamp and tie you to a tree. They come back for you days later, leaving you all alone with lots to think about, like how next year you’re gonna work harder and save some money so you can go on a better vacation! No really, with the right people (and I stress the right people), you can have a blast. It’s like riding on the float with Pink Slip: not everybody’s cut out for the rolling island.

I’m 25 and have been with my girlfriend for almost 4 years, since we met in college. That’s starting to feel like a long time and I’m not sure it’s going anywhere. But we’ve been together for so long I can’t imagine life outside of that relationship… but I also feel stuck… Help!

Sounds to us like you’ve already checked out of this relationship or you wouldn’t be writing to us asking for permission to leave. Believe it or not we get asked this question a lot, so we are gonna give you our standard answer. You are young. You are educated. Don’t be stupid. “Off the Bitch.”

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