Horrorscopes: Star-Crossed Love

Published  February 2013

Aaaah! Pink and red fluffyhearted capitalism, mixed with the smell of leftover Mardi Gras, is thick in the air: the perfect combination for romance. But remember, American holidays do not control your love life—you (and the stars) do! And the stars are screaming “It is all up to you”… So call that cutie from OkCupid, or the one you call boo, and make it happen.

Don’t turn back or fall into old habits because of a current relationship. It took you long enough to see the light and you are finally breaking free of things that hold you back. Move forward, not backwards. Once you do, you will see that this new perspective and outlook will help you become a healthier, stronger person and help you start anew.

Now is the time for you to plan a romantic trip. This will not happen without your efforts; and you must do all you can to make that effort because the trip will be a life changer for you and your partner. Since Neptune is in your house, maybe an adventure on the high sea is just what memories are made of.

Be prepared for a new sort of relationship to enter your life. This could be totally unlike anything you have ever experienced before. New people, new places and new things are all on your horizon. It may take a little bit longer to feel your new groove, but hang in there. Not only will you enjoy taking the time and finding that groove, but you may just have found a new chapter in the story we call life.

The stars align for an interesting meeting to take place for you this month. But you will need to recognize the opportunity when you see it and when you do, take control! Because the results are all up to you. If you don’t take action, nothing will happen. But if you do… a new hot situation will be in your hands. So make sure you do this Mardi Gras right.

This is the season for Geminis to be social. Keep your eyes peeled because a new relationship in your life will be one of great importance to you. This person will become a teacher of sorts and you will learn many new important things from them as your relationship develops. Just make sure you are not picking up their bad habits as well, as you are in a situation to please them.

You may feel like the routine has been the same for some time and it is not leading you where you thought it would. What you may be looking for may be close… but not right in front of you. And your cards keep coming up the same. If you want something you must ask for it clearly; and if you want something to change, simply change it. The simpler the better.

You can take a relationship to a new level by leaving the past behind. Sometimes that means wiping the slate clean. This may take time, but it’s worth every bit of the effort. This may seem like you are lying to yourself, but what you are really doing is releasing yourself from the past and allowing the future to progress. The two can coexist in harmony within you—if you try.

Share your skills and talents with a loved one, especially if you can collaborate on an effort. Anything that is created together will bond you. It is time to feel more adventurous in this relationship, in your talents and in yourself. Don’t forget, dear Virgo: you are your biggest critic and often that judgement is what is holding you back.

Take a look at your relationships and see where you can spice it up. Nothing is going to just fall in your lap, so put in some good effort. Turn on your libra charm. Be sure to look your best. Do all the things you are good at… and relax. Now is the time for new and interesting things to happen if you are willing to play the game a little. Don’t be shy: this is your year to make all kinds of things happen.

You may have an opportunity to take a relationship in a different direction. Don’t worry about the outcome. It will benefit you both immensely and if all you see is the challenges to the situation, then that’s all you will ever see. But if you choose to see some of the benefits then your treasures are for you to keep.

Sometime relationships go in directions we never conceived them to be able to go in. If you don’t seize the moment, this odd occurrence may just pass you by instead of starting a brand new adventure between you two. This seems to be the underlying theme in a lot of houses this month, and it’s true… so keep your eyes peeled, your heart open and put in some effort.

A strange coincidence will lead to a new sort of relationship with someone you have always wanted to get to know better. This person will open you up and get you to be your more true self. Be sure you see the benefits to this newfound friendship and not get lost in a school boy (or girl) crush. Sometimes it’s hard but think with your head.

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