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Blight Meets Bass: BUKU Year Two


Guidance Counseling: Alynda Lee Segarra

Alynda Lee Segarra is the soft-spoken but powerful, creative voice of Hurray for the Riff Raff, one of New Orleans’ most promising homegrown acts. They’ve been steadily gaining notoriety worldwide since the release of their…Read full article

Horrorscopes: You Don’t Need a Four-Leaf Clover

Luck is a funny word and great to rhyme with. But just like writing a good song, it takes more than luck. It actually takes skill, practice, effort and lots of previous mistakes—letting go and…Read full article

Letter from the Editor: Let The Good Times Berl

“The best crawfish come from way down around Breaux Bridge, up in a mud hole up underneath the bridge” —King Louie Thank the Goddess this month for our dirty little bug friends, slurping around in…Read full article

Random Disjointed Brain Farts: Show No Mercy

I was blindsided by news of Slayer’s firing of drummer Dave Lombardo. At first, I disregarded the rumor as just another internet farce. However, Lombardo personally addressed the issue in a frank statement to his…Read full article

Paw Talk by Emily McWilliams

Paw Talk: Pets vs. Plants

March is a perfect time for South Louisianians to start gardening. Down here, we don’t have to wait for the snow to melt and dissipate. In fact, since a deep freeze does not kill off…Read full article

Footwork by Graham Greenleaf

Beats Per Month: Fashionably Late

It’s not too often that I think of myself as a person who is behind the curve. However, as my age has progressed it would seem that my fingers have moved further off the pulse…Read full article

The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part one)

Read Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI The funny thing about working all night into the next morning is the choices you have in…Read full article


Blight Meets Bass: BUKU Year Two

Some people might look at the dilapidated portion of the Lower Garden District and say, “Bulldoze.” Winter Circle Productions said “BUKU.” Tulane graduates Reeves Price and Dante Dipasquale founded WCP in 2008. In a phone…Read full article

Hand Grenade Job

Toil and Trouble with Hand Grenade Job

Despite a fresh coat of paint and an influx of young, rich and hungry to its “reclaimed” downtown, Washington D.C. has always been, at heart, a sleepy southern outpost planted dead in the middle of…Read full article

New Orleans Food Trucks -- Art by Ben Passmore

Fork in the Road: Who’s Behind the Push for New Orleans Food Trucks?

Lately there’s been a bunch of hype about reforming and rewriting New Orleans’ laws regulating food trucks. In February, City Council President Stacy Head twice proposed major deregulatory changes to the city’s ordinances, while across…Read full article

They Might Be Giants: photo by photo Shervin Lainez

Passing Gas with They Might Be Giants

John Linnell (pictured, on the right), one of the founding Johns of They Might Be Giants (together with John Flansburgh), was gracious enough to chat with me in anticipation of the band’s upcoming show at…Read full article

Verse & Vice: The New Orleans Poetry Brothel Continues one of the Big Sleazy’s Richest Histories

Though modeled after Storyville, the New Orleans Poetry Brothel sells its clients poetry instead of sex. Started in New York, this is the third incarnation of the Poetry Brothel here in New Orleans. I sat…Read full article

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Reviews, March 2013

Books MARK LAFLAUR ELYSIAN FIELDS (MID-CITY) Kicking off a book with a catastrophe-in-the-making is risky business. In the case of Mark LaFlaur’s Elysian Fields, it casts a pall over the massive flashback that is the…Read full article

Ghostwood: Cosmic Gloom

Deconstructive Criticism from Bryan Funck

Pop Punx THE GHOSTWOOD EMPTY COSMIC GLOOM (DIGITAL RELEASE) These guys are pretty much the best local pop band. The impeccable songwriting definitely rubs shoulders with Chalmette’s the Robinsons, with less Ramones/Weezer and more Screeching…Read full article