Horrorscopes: You Don’t Need a Four-Leaf Clover

Published  March 2013

Luck is a funny word and great to rhyme with. But just like writing a good song, it takes more than luck. It actually takes skill, practice, effort and lots of previous mistakes—letting go and going with the flow. So if you are sitting around waiting for it to be your lucky day, try changing your point of view— doing instead of thinking—and you may realize you are all of a sudden one lucky bastard! xx

If you feel like your world is closing in on you, it may be. But it’s not anything you can’t fix. If you can take some time off from work, do it! Fix what is broken, be it a relationship or a bathroom sink. Some time spent on what you care about is not losing control but showing control. Whatever is putting knots in you can be unknotted by you. Self confidence will be needed so step up to the plate. Lucky Numbers: 15, 17, 19

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don’t be too mad at anyone who has kinda mucked it up for you… because honestly they were just trying to help. The universe is asking for more maturity from you at this time. So just think about it! Never return to an old habit that was not serving you well. You will find out the true nature of a friend this month and you may be pleasantly surprised. Lucky Numbers: 20, 30, 5

Are you getting in your own way of being happy? Are you a bit indulgent? Think about those two things and see if that is really what the roadblock is. You will be the secret keeper to a friend of yours this month. Your confidence will be very important to you both. Loose lips sink ships and in your case, this one would be the Titanic, coming not only to bite your friend but your butt as well. Lucky Numbers: 2, 18, 33

If you feel like the world is against you this month, it really isn’t. It’s the way you are viewing it. Sorry Charlie! It’s the truth. You are not being overlooked at work. Your boss is the boss for a reason—just chill. And watch what you say and how you say it: your gasoline words can really make things go BOOM! Hey, at other times this gift will serve you. But don’t fall on your own sword this month. If someone in your life is yours, they are going to stay. So just chill. Lucky Numbers: 11, 3, 28

You are going to have a great month! Even if it won’t necessarily be financial, things are just going to go your way. That always includes haters, so be warned. Take a chance in romance and make the first move. However, don’t jump into any volunteering without knowing all aspects of the job—it will require way more than you can give. Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, $19.95

This is an excellent time for some cleaning: your house, your life, your head. It’s also the time to be there for others. You can be present and listen without judgement. It is not your job to solve everyone’s problems or even to make suggestions. Sometimes all a person is asking you to do is listen. This month is also a time for Leos to spoil themselves, as a busy work agenda will be ahead of you shortly. Lucky Numbers: 3, 14, 27

Virgos will have to step up and take care of matters this month. Your family may need you; and it is time to be the person who can be relied on instead of being the person in need. While you tend to like to work alone, being part of a team will benefit you at this time. Great ideas will be shared and even friendships will become closer. Jealousy will play a part in your month. Sorry, it’s in your house. Just try to let this month slide past you. Lucky Numbers: 23, 15, 13

Continue to focus on your health. This month will be a character building one for you. This does not translate as “easy,” but what in life that’s good is? Seek harmony and do not get involved in disagreements. Family drama will come knocking on your door this month. In order to get through everything, be honest to yourself and to others and live your personal best. Your love life is on fire. Lucky Numbers: 16, 8, 7

Follow your gut in the business world this month; however, patience will be the key to your success. Honesty will also play a big role. You have no need to embellish, so don’t. It will only backfire in your face. An old “friend” comes back to town and has you questioning everything. As cliché as it sounds, follow your heart. And Scorpios are not allowed to give up, not this month. Lucky Numbers: 9, 22, 14

Your fiery nature makes you want to spring into action on everything. But no action is still a reaction that actually takes a lot of effort, fire and will power. And this time it may be what is needed to succeed. Be frank when a friend asks for your opinion. The truth may not be what they want to hear but is definitely what they need. If you find your love life slowing down, take that time to relax and explore more self-discovery. You think you have something to prove right now, but you don’t. If you are feeling drained, you really are. Time to detox, reboot, get some supplements, rest and exercise. Lucky Numbers: 37, 8, 13

If you are in good health, be thankful. A loved one will take more than they give, but by now you don’t care and are already over it. Don’t be shy when it comes to meeting other people. Someone out there is drawn to your sweet, sensitive side (yes, you have a sweet, sensitive side). You will also shine at work this month and have a new opportunity. Don’t deprecate yourself, just do a good job. Lucky Numbers: 18, 19, 6

Do not make any impulsive purchases, it will put you in financial straits. Instead, pay off a long-standing debt. Less romantic feelings will change toward someone once you realize how much in common you actually have with this person. Inspiration will spark your feelings for a romance and make you see someone in a new light. Lucky Numbers: 36, 2, 12

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