Letter from the Editor: Let The Good Times Berl

Published  March 2013

“The best crawfish come from way down around Breaux Bridge, up in a mud hole up underneath the bridge” —King Louie

Tasty Mudbugs Thank the Goddess this month for our dirty little bug friends, slurping around in the Louisiana muck. It’s MFing crawfish season! My arms are already dripping with sweet, yellow brain sauce and every cut on my hand is absorbing cayenne and lemon juice. Makes me want to scream with joy.

To me, a good crawfish boil is a transcendental eating experience, like Thanksgiving but better (and more regionally focused), or Christmas but not religious—although it was hilarious to Kevin B and me what good Catholics we were being a few Fridays ago by building walls of crawfish heads on the table at Sal’s in Marrero. A good boil is easily an all-day affair, a slow eat that can happen in several acts. It’s why I generally try to avoid restaurants and prefer the all-you-can-eat feasts of school boils, AndreFest and generous people like Kevin’s parents and the Trumble family. I love how everybody has their own strange concoction, method and surprises. Once at a contest in Houma, I saw some guys dunk a corned beef into the pot and it nearly blew my mind. How genius is that? I just wish they weren’t so pricey. How is it that a meal foraged by our hearty Cajun predecessors has morphed into complex cuisine that demands relative luxury and resource? Freakin’ cultural appropriation, man.

Ah, complexity. Thurston Moore, in the Sonic Youth song “Peace Attack” sings “Spring time is war time” and that’s a pretty good motto for the following 40-odd pages. Jenn Attaway talks band drama, resident anarchist Jules Bentley crashes the food truck party, BUKU invades the LGD, Hand Grenade Job demands silence and even vegan warrior Bryan Funck (who used to throw some wicked crawfish boils himself before his conversion) tosses a few firecrackers in our little pond. I’d blame it on the weather (or daylight savings or a crawfish coma) but you know, it’s like this every month. —Dan Fox

PS: If anyone needs newspaper for their boil, email us. We’d love to see some past issues put to good use.

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