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Signature Sound: Hip-hop Legend Ricky B Reflects on the City and His Musical Legacy


The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part two)

Read Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI “Hey you, either remove your ass off the bus or bring it up here and pay your…Read full article

Paw Talk April 2013

Paw Talk: Heads on Walls

When I was a kid, touching the soft hair of a mounted deer head in someone’s house or, better yet, on the wall of some diner on a family road trip, always felt strange. I…Read full article

Horrorscopes: Spring into Action

The sun comes back and spring is officially here. The most important step of this renewal is knowing that you survived the cold and rough times of 2012 and that this new time is just…Read full article

Letter from the Editor: Lunch-Break Beats

While McMain wasn’t quite the DMZ of school-genre films like Lean on Me or One Eight Seven, it was certainly an eye-opener for me, a middle-class Jewish boy leaving the cozy confines of Lusher Elementary…Read full article


Signature Sound: Hip-hop Legend Ricky B Reflects on the City and His Musical Legacy

James Joyce once said, “I want to give a picture of  Dublin  so complete that if the city suddenly disappeared from the earth, it could be reconstructed out of  my book.” In that same way,…Read full article

Jazzfest 2013

Goodie Basket: AG Writers Pick a Bountiful Bushel at This Year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Break out the wide-brimmed  hats, the sunscreen and the boogie. While hordes of  old dudes from Maine descend upon us clothed in short-sleeved button downs emblazoned with crawfish playing trumpets, it must not be forgotten…Read full article

Label Life: Moving Units with Mike Park

Not unlike George Costanza’s days of battling Lloyd Braun for top computer salesman, Mike Park has found his “serenity now” moments arranging boxes in his parents’ garage. The Asian Man Records founder and former Skankin’…Read full article

Getting Stuck with the Kid Carsons

Morgan D. Carson (bass guitar and vocals) was first introduced to her future bandmate Chad (vocals, guitar) when she was five and a half years old—he just so happened to be her baby brother. Morgan…Read full article

Battle Scars: Facing Death, Drugs and Prison with Rob Evil

Most people think of Elvis, early R&B and rock ‘n’ roll when they think of Memphis, Tennessee—and more recently, garage rock and punk. However, one of the best original thrash bands to emerge in the…Read full article

You Can Sit When You’re Dead: An Open Letter to JazzFest Squatters

What Jazz Fest means to me is the dawning of summer, when the sun comes out and chases away the winter blues, two weeks of perfect weather, before the heat onslaught. Jazz Fest means rocking…Read full article

Damn It Feels Good To Be a Bass Player: A SXSW Recap

A brief history: back in 2009 King Louie and I decided we should have a band together. We started Missing Monuments with Julien Fried and Aaron Hill. Louie wanted an outlet for his love of…Read full article

Liner Notes: A Record Store Day Wishlist from the AG Staff

Some days are just meant to be hassle-free, where you can lay it all out and stop worrying about stupid shit for a second. Beach trips. Mardi Gras day. Sunday. Record Store Day should be…Read full article

Second Helping: Readers Respond to Food Truck Controversy

Readers Respond to “Fork In The Road: Who’s Behind The Push For New Orleans Food Trucks?” Last month’s issue featured a lot of incendiary talk, from Bryan Funck heckling bands with no sense of humor…Read full article

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Reviews, April 2013

Books VINCENT A. CELLUCCI, ED. FUCK POEMS: AN EXCEPTIONAL ANTHOLOGY (LAVENDER INK) It’s amazing, the capacity that one word can still have to shock, to titillate, to hint at the sacred and the profane all…Read full article