Horrorscopes: Spring into Action

Published  April 2013

The sun comes back and spring is officially here. The most important step of this renewal is knowing that you survived the cold and rough times of 2012 and that this new time is just that: new. Old mistakes and last year are far gone, while new growth and new life are all around. This time is full of energy and possibilities—and a chance to try again. It is a great time for creation all around; so whatever seeds of intention you have been planting and nurturing close to you in your heart and mind, NOW is the time to bring them to life. And like all things brand new, how you take care of it is how long it will last.

Venus, Mars, Uranus and the sun are all in your house this month, bringing lots of red hot energy. All around, this will be a good month for you, where you will not only find yourself the center of attention, but quite magnetizing as well. Be sure that you make the most of this energy and good luck, for whatever is not used to its fullest may change into something else entirely, if that makes sense. Energy is not destroyed; it just changes forces, so if you don’t flow with the incredible fortunes of this month, they could turn into something else entirely.

Dear Taurus, you are our late bloomers this year. So if to you it still feels a little bit like winter, it’s true. Your new shoots, flowers and beginnings have not arrived—yet. But it’s important not to get depressed and think there will be no spring at all. When Venus arrives in your house on the 15th, the tides will turn and in fact, your luck and new beginnings will happen so rapidly that you may be overwhelmed with the possibilities. Keep your eyes peeled for a visitor from your past. This old relationship will become brand new again.

This is the month and season for Geminis to find their twin. This does not necessarily mean in romance, but just in the sense of self. Geminis will find their best time in partnerships this month, anywhere from work to social outings. Sharing is a very important theme, but mainly stick to ideas. As far as money: don’t share that as you may find yourself a little financially strapped from all the socializing.

Well, I don’t know what to say to the Cancers out there who don’t have jobs except… um, go get one! This month may seem a little rough in the love department. Feelings of being in an unsatisfactory relationship or even for the singles a feeling of not wanting a relationship at all. However, your saving grace is some long overdue, wellearned recognition at work. Success is going to come your way with possibly a little promotion and travel, too. Be sure to balance your work and family life because you may see your personal life suffer while your career skyrockets.

The sun-Venus-Mars conjunction in your house this month brings a fresh gust of much needed passion into your life. Now is truly spring for our mighty Leos as they shed their dead winter coats that are holding their inner beauty back. A refocus on health, a new opportunity and a shedding of all that was heavy from the dead winter lead to a more enjoyable month that Leos have been waiting for for quite some time now. By the end of April you and everyone else will see how fantastic you are without your old winter coat. Three cheers to spring renewal!

Romance is in the cards for Virgos, so blow off the cobwebs because it may have been a little bit of time since Virgos have felt these emotions. It has either been by their own choice; or for those in relationships, it may have been their partners leaving the Virgo loveless. Regardless, for the first time in a while it’s time to enliven new passions into a relationship that could possibly be on its way out. You may also discover this month that you have a new talent. Really, like you need to be good at something else? Geez.

If you are the kind of Libra that is used to being in control, you may be a little itchy this month because you will not have it. In fact, the best you can do is to use one of your best gifts: flattery. Just be sure it’s real. With that being said, hold on to this month dearly as it will be filled with significant events that will be dear to you for some time. The energy that creates this is a bit strong, so don’t worry if it goes a bit haywire and crazy. If times are a bit confusing from the 15th to the 20th, hang in there. Things will find their way back to their proper place.

Now is the time for Scorpios to gain a few new skills, take a class or do something that could lead to a new career. Inner restlessness can be solved within this renewal season. The changes that are needed to be made for a new time and peace to come have to do with your career. So recognize this and do what you need to do to push forward. Have you ever considered being a teacher? You will enjoy more relationships with children in your future. Maybe your own or maybe others that you care for.

You are the most favored sign this month and the first few weeks of April will be all about having fun. You will be in the most gallant of natures and it seems that no one will be able to spoil your good time. Under these circumstances, love can manifest itself perfectly at just the right time. You will have the opportunity to be witness to some extraordinary moments, with the most extraordinary part being that you truly recognize the specialness of that moment. Be very wary of the wild energy that a good time can create and be sure not to let it get too far… as you may really get foolishly hurt or even worse, foolishly hurt someone else.

You and your partner or someone of equal importance will have a time of settling matters. Most of the matters to be settled will be about the home. Couples will need privacy and should try to do everything possible to keep parents out of private matters. You tend to be sentimental and nostalgic. If things are unsettled on the homefront, it is best to make a quick peace about it and not fight. Consider opportunities to work from home; that may solve a few issues that may be on your plate right now.

Your ass will get saved every time this month. You will find funds that you didn’t know you had; and something will always swoop in at the last minute to make everything right to ride it out this month. A few opportunities will also present themselves to you. If you choose to pass these opportunities up, it will be a big, fat waste and it will be a big, damn shame on you. Be sure to take it easy and stay healthy, for this is truly more important than anything else.

Financial preoccupations will dominate your thoughts this month but this is truly your own doing because sometimes you obsess with financial security and finding the finer things in life a little too much. Relationships will be more in the forefront but they will be far from romantic. They will be dominated with conversations of who, how, why, where, what… and not so much about how much you care about someone. Regardless, your partner will need you now more than ever, so be sure to leave some of your selfish tendencies at the door.

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