Letter from the Editor: On Our Grind

Published  May 2013

Approximately seven percent of the AG Staff...

Approximately seven percent of the AG Staff…

Every month without fail-when it seems like we’re totally stuck in the mud and what the hell have we gotten ourselves into and why can’t we just veg out and get some sleep for once-the AG staff gets down to business, pulls together a month’s worth of content and grinds out another issue for your reading enjoyment. At last count there’s at least 40 of us, give or take a few stragglers, that pitch in and that’s amazing. It’s a supergroup of staggering size and talent, all spurred on and inspired by this freakishly fabulous city we call home. AG also has its fair share of guardian angels and miracle-workers, like the pedicab driver who came to art director Kevin Barrios’ aid this month. On a rainy Jazz Fest bike ride, somewhere between the Fairgrounds and Algiers Point, Kevin B’s phone fell out of his pocket and into the streets. Pedicabber Matt Peterson found the phone broken and smashed on Esplanade Avenue and had enough MacGyver skills to revive it and find its owner. And though the hardware was thoroughly destroyed, like it or not our phones have become virtual file cabinets, in-boxes and even extensions of our own consciousness; so it was a huge relief not only to Kevin but to me as well. My measly eight minute interview with Spring Break-up was on that phone and I was dreading having to conduct the Q&A all over again. Not that I minded meeting up with those wonderful people, just that it felt good the first time, when I surprised them after their very first show with their very first interview as a band. It’s absolutely maddening and totally deflating to have to go through the same conversation over again as if it never happened, as if no one had time to think about the questions asked and the answers given. It’s like losing a great take in the studio because of a technical glitch; you might be able to play it again but the magic of spontaneity will be long gone, the finality of it a sick, nagging feeling that you can’t shake. So thanks again, Matt. You saved a great take and we appreciate you for it. It was a small but important part of this monster issue and-as I learn over and over again each month-every little bit helps.

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