June 2013 – Antigravity Magazine
Photos: Go Skateboarding Day


Editorial: Happy Birthday, Us!

Antigravity turns nine years old this and in keeping with  this month a magazine’s Gemini nature—and of  course my own—I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand it’s pretty impressive; we’ve seen a lot…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Generationals

With their 2009 Park the Van debut album Con Law, Generationals (Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner) ushered in a boom for local indie rockers scratching their way to national recognition. With songs appearing in major…Read full article

Paw Talk: Human Pets

“Only death and desire have the force that oppresses, that takes one’s breath away.  Only the extremism of desire and death enable one to attain the truth.”  —Georges Bataille “Every level upon which I sense also…Read full article

Horrorscopes: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Of course it’s getting hot in here! We are closer to the sun for the upcoming several months more than any other time of our yearly revolution. It makes the daylight hours longer, the air…Read full article

The Rational Radicant: Eulogy

My Dad (EJP) was the last of a generation, the man’s man without doing it in an over-machismo “something to prove” way. He grew up in the post-depression steel mill towns of Pennsylvania and Ohio….Read full article


Photos: Go Skateboarding Day

The idea of a national skateboarding day isn’t all that special. For those of us who have skated every day that our ankles aren’t broken and the streets aren’t flooded, every day is “Go Skateboarding…Read full article

The Lusty Literature of Esoterotica

Esoterotica stimulates both your upstairs and down with smart, funny and original erotic writings from local authors, including poetry, spoken word, short stories, essays, humorous monologues and even songs. Erotica is defined as “literature or…Read full article

Ballzack and Odom Jump in the Fire

“This is our last rap album”  declares Rami  Sharkey—stage name Ballzack—as  he taps on an Akai MIDI controller hooked into an iMac.  Pulling from sample banks filled with  everything from Beatles and Slayer cuts to…Read full article

Ray Bong Wants YOU for the United States of Bonnaroo

Citizens of The United States of Bonnaroo, thank you for doing your patriotic duty. As you are no doubt aware, for every one of you attending this year’s Big Fest, there are 100 who would…Read full article

This Is How We Do the Roo

Alright Bonnaroovians, it’s finally summer and time to clear your headspace for another weekend of food, fun, friends and music. This year the 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee will host the 12th installment of the…Read full article

Dirty Pictures: Photos by Eric Martinez

If you ever see a guy at a show standing near the front wearing glasses, a flannel and a backpack with a camera hanging on his shoulder by a strap, it’s probably Eric Martinez. Locally…Read full article

Yes and No with Portugal. The Man

When Danger Mouse calls, you answer—even if you’re ten songs and two weeks into your album.  Portugal. The Man  found this out the hard way. The call came when they were recording their new album…Read full article

Hangout Fest Highlights

SHOVELS AND ROPE The highlight and first set of Saturday was South Carolina husband-wife duo Shovels and Rope, who played a strong set at the Hangout mainstage. Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst’s casual banter…Read full article

Hang Out 1 on 1: The Revivalists

The Revivalists aren’t just a New Orleans band anymore. At Hangout Fest 2013, we had to share “our” Revivalists with national media as everyone tried to get an interview  with  the high-energ y jam/funk  outfit….Read full article

Hang Out 1 on 1: The Tontons

Just a few hours’ drive from New Orleans, the members of  The Tontons were all born and raised in the sprawling metropolis of  Houston,  Texas. In their fourth year as a band, they’re starting to…Read full article

Hang Out 1 on 1: The Weeks

“As for our places in history, we will run nakedthrough your streets before we sit decorated inyour halls,” The Weeks’ Tumblr proclaims. The five-piece band from Jackson, Mississippi started playing  together before some were old…Read full article

Hang Out 1 on 1: Ryan Bingham

When Ryan Bingham  first toured, he and then-band Dead Horses weren’t sure they’d make it to the next gas station in their wheezing Suburban.  Those hard-up  times are long gone. In the past five years,…Read full article

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Reviews, June 2013

Books BILL LOEHFELM THE DEVIL IN HER WAY   (FSG/SARAH  CRICHTON) It has taken Bill Loehfelm three novels and some short fiction to work most of his native Staten Island out of his system as…Read full article