Guidance Counseling: Generationals

Published  June 2013

antigravity_vol10_issue8_Page_06_Image_0003 With their 2009 Park the Van debut album Con Law, Generationals (Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner) ushered in a boom for local indie rockers scratching their way to national recognition. With songs appearing in major motion pictures and commercials, the poppy duo drew comparisons to all manner of ‘60s harmony-drenched icons (much like labelmates Dr. Dog). The follow-up LP, Actor-Caster, saw them stretch their sonic legs and their most recent release, Heza, marks a move to Polyvinyl and an attempt at more challenging and complex song structure. They’re embarking soon on an international tour that will see them zooming around the U.S. before heading to Europe for a stretch of  shows. The Maison hosts them on Friday, June 21st. We caught up with Grant before Generationals hit the road, just in time to dish up some sunny advice.

One of  our band members is really bad about paying his share of  the rehearsal space rent. We’re all broke and the extra $$$ we have to come up with  to spot this guy is putting a strain on the band, breeding resentment, etc. But  we really like him in the band and he’s pretty good on his instrument,  so we don’t want  to kick him out just over money… but it is frustrating…  What can we do to get this guy to cough up the bucks and pitch in?

Give him an ultimatum! No question. I don’t care how nice he is, he still has to pull his weight. If you guys let him get away with this, he’ll probably start thinking he can be lazy about other stuff too. It’s kind of childish of him to not realize what he’s doing to the band by shrugging it off. He’s probably a good dude but just taking for granted that other people will pick up his slack. So I say you’d be doing him a favor by telling him to get with it and grow up.

How  often does one really need to shower? Is every other day acceptable in today’s society? I don’t like taking showers every day but sometimes I wonder if I stink or not. How  does one tell if one stinks?

I think it depends. I personally like to shower every day but I have friends who shower less often but still don’t smell bad. But I have other friends who definitely do smell bad. It probably depends on your own biology or something, but I’d say you could probably get away with every other day and still maintain some acceptable odor. Not sure how to tell if you smell or not. I mean, I know it depends on your culture to a certain degree, but to me, I think as long as I can’t smell you if I’m standing next to you in line somewhere, then I don’t care. Sometimes I stand in line next to someone who I can tell would smell if I, like, got intimate with the dude, but as long as his smell doesn’t heavily breach, say, a two-foot radius around him, what do I care? I feel like the people that do smell that strongly just don’t care what society thinks anyway. Next time you’re in a line somewhere just ask a stranger, “Man do I smell?” They’ll probably be honest and just be like, “Yeah.”

I had a one night stand with this guy I see out a lot and  it was no big deal for either of us, the next day… so it seemed. Turns out, this motherfucker has a very big mouth and is telling all of  his friends about it. I want  to punch  his lights out but maybe  there’s a better approach? Got any good revenge ideas?

Just be above the fray about it. And when people ask you about him, just be like, “Yeah, we hooked up once, and apparently he’s super proud of it because he’s telling everyone and their mother about it.” BOOM. Simple. Makes him look like the loser. And you’re the one who’s got better stuff to talk about.

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