Horrorscopes: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Published  June 2013

Of course it’s getting hot in here! We are closer to the sun for the upcoming several months more than any other time of our yearly revolution. It makes the daylight hours longer, the air hotter, it stirs up mighty storms out of nowhere and it makes things grow. So just like the winter months required awareness and conscious actions to see yourself through cold times, the same holds true in the opposite. While things bloom, swelter and overgrow, remember to tend your garden. In awareness and conscious action, remember to chill out, cool off, water the plants when it doesn’t rain and make it through without your blood boiling. It’s not like this heat is new (well, maybe it is for some of you, and in that case just know it’s better than shoveling snow).

Turn on the AC, Geminis! Because it is hot, hot, hot up in your house. Mercury, your ruling planet, meets with Venus, ruler of love, for almost the whole month of  June, while Jupiter (think big big) and Mars (the warrior) meet briefly to bring about a month of intensifying relationship issues. Your twin sides should work in harmony to achieve the goals you have set forth in your heart and mind’s eye. Your focus should be on containing this great amount of energy and not letting it scatter. In other words, your garden is growing quite nicely and abundantly. If it starts to go wild or you don’t tend it, it will surely die.

The sun may be a bit too bright for our dear little crabs right now. This is a wonderful time for retreating back into your holes, personal spaces and within yourself for a time of deeper reflection and settling. The sun moves into your house of Endings this month, and you may find yourself feeling and contemplating your shortcomings, questioning your mistakes and reflecting on the past spring time. All of this is necessary for you to shed your shell and become your bigger, better crab-self. Pay particular attention to your dreams.

What you have been focusing on will take speed, direction and course. The key to your success will be in using Mercury, the wing-footed messenger, and his connective and communicative attributes to your advantage. Now is not the time to be a shy, fly-away butterfly. Connect with friends, family and community and spread the seeds of your intention through them. Because it is one of them that will be the key to you succeeding in your ventures. Now is the time for you to make some very big wishes, hold them true to your heart, and put them into action.

The more practical your vision, the more tangible your rewards will be. You may find yourself with a little bit extra this month—a little bit more money, a little bit more love, a little bit more self centering… please be aware of your extra and don’t deplete it like usual with some grand scheme or big idea that is more dream than future. Control your energy, nurture it and let go of things that don’t serve you. That includes people and internal emotions.

Now is a great time of connection to your higher self as the sun moves into your ninth house of Expansions. It is a great time to unplug, travel, deepen your reading and studies and connect to what you have been nurturing in your intentions for a long time now. With previous months being a bit chaotic, your time now becomes one of reorientation to your core values and purpose. Mercury and Venus (your ruler) meet in your house of careers this month. You are in high favor with others in different areas of  your job life, and your truest intentions are felt by most around you. This is a great cosmic time for you.

Love will take on new dimensions for you as the sun moves into your eighth house of Intimacy. This is a great time for love where no good deed is unrewarded, bonds are made stronger, and you truly realize the value of another person in your life. Be willing to open up and share parts of yourself that you never thought someone else could understand. You may also have to focus a bit on money matters this month, and a pending issue finally comes to an end.

This is a great time for you to grow or build different connections in your life as the sun moves into your seventh house of Partnerships. Your focus turns to relationships—from personal, to platonic, to professional. You will come to realize that in order to achieve the outcome you are looking for, you may want to work on your people skills. Bees love honey and a great amount of respect comes from how someone handles the power of their words and the ones they choose to use. Regardless of this, Sagittarius will find a time of “us” instead of a time of “me” come over them. This will be an asset to those in careers that deal with client and customer relations.

Don’t expect a thank you. Your reward will be your own self-understanding and happiness in this great time of change. At least the worst of it is behind you and this is the first time you have felt light in a really long time. Enjoy this playful, frivolous time and stop splitting hairs. Things will be changing in your life from your job to your home life, health and diet. Embrace all of these changes, as they are bringing you to the person you have been trying to become. Enjoy the ride, for the next few months will be quite like a roller coaster.

Hot hot hot: the sun enters your fifth house of Romance. Now is the time for you to seal the deal with the one you want. After a period of being cautious and protecting yourself, now is the time to be ready for love. So be ready for it because there will be plenty of opportunities for it to happen to you. However, it’s important not to be rash or over-confident, as this will lead to you being hurt, if not completely shattered. Don’t act the fool, because you will look the fool.

The beginning of the month will leave Pisces feeling unsettled with their space— workspace, home space, living space, breathing space. Something needs an overhaul as the weight of it crushes you. The sun focuses on your fourth house of Foundations and it’s a good time for you to reel energies closer to home. It’s time for you to move forward with something that keeps holding you back, and it’s time for you to finish projects that have to do with the home.

Now is the time to learn something new. Maybe enroll in a class, attend summer school or join a group that you have been interested in. The sun moves into your house of Learning and not only will you be drawn to more in-depth conversations, you will find yourself overall just looking to learn something new. It’s time for you to get the education about a subject matter that you will need to benefit the next steps of your journey. Any exchanging of ideas or debating on topics will only lead to your own personal growth.

You will have a lot of things to deal with this month. It seems like money would solve almost every problem you have. But in reality, we all know that’s not true and sometimes the more money you have the more problems you have. This year calls you to try something new when it comes to your finances. A great shift is needed in the way you are thinking or acting about a particular money situation. Don’t sell out for the quick buck; it’s not the path you should be on for long-term financial security.

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