August 2013 – Antigravity Magazine
Photos by Kevin Barrios


Letter from the Editor: Frozen Moments

Between the sweat dripping in our eyes and the heat melting away our attention span, it’s just too damn hot to get much reading or critical thought done this month. So how about a nice…Read full article

Horrorscopes: These Are the Days

Things can get pretty intense in the heat of the Leo Sun. One minute you have something growing strong and tall and bearing fruit, and the next minute it’s gone… sometimes taken by the Sun,…Read full article


Photos by Kevin Barrios

“I like to capture photographs that show the expanse of our environment and how minuscule humanity is in that setting. Conversely, people with massive character are a favorite subject of mine.”

Photos by Musa Alves

“I’ve always been pretty avid about taking pictures throughout my life and sharing them with others (at times to my own chagrin). Creating your own reality, documenting dreams met, immortalizing people and emotions, relating to…Read full article

Photo by Kevin Comarda

“I don’t yet consider myself a photographer, but rather an artist who enjoys taking photographs. Like any creative facet I might dabble in, I like my expressions to yield a personal story with a little…Read full article

Photos by Annie Pennell

“Photography is my core means of exploration, whether examining rows of ancient stone wells in the Sahara desert or rows of palm trees in an otherwise barren Southern California business park. It’s the reason I…Read full article

Photos by Gary LoVerde

“Looking at the photos collected here, instead of commentary I feel compelled to offer advice: document your scene! Now! Whatever it is and whoever it’s comprised of, photograph the hell out of it. As a…Read full article

Photo by E Willy P

“I’d love to wax and wane poetic about cameras, photography and cite some photographers as influences or having extensive training and experience; but for me, at the end of the day, it’s simply about my…Read full article

Photos by Chris George

“I’ve always approached photography as a way to keep a permanent visual record of events, friends, explorations, projects, inspirations and change. In October 2012, I went on a road trip to Philadelphia for a wedding…Read full article

Photo by Eric Martinez

“Around high school, Amy (my sister) and I started fiddling around with all our parents’ old SLR cameras. We grew up with two ex-photographers and all their camera gear collecting dust in the closets (my…Read full article

Photos by Amy Martinez

That day on Bayou St. John was perfect. Everyone came out for the good times. The guys had a pig in a hot box and we drank craft beers, some of which were made by…Read full article

Photos by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee

“From the streets of New Orleans to the lazy river bends of Kansas, I seek a story that draws on our strength when we come together.”

Photos by Osa Atoe

“After all of the touring I’ve done over the last several years, I’ve come to realize that the shortest tours are often the sweetest. My band, Negation, did a 10 day tour of the Midwest…Read full article

Photos by Joshua Brasted

Photo by Larry Blossom

“I am inspired by light and motion, so I use photography to capture moments in this bright life I’m trying to live.”

Photos by Adrienne Battistella

“I became a photographer to relate to things beyond my reach. It has always been easier to capture the moment rather than be in the moment. Blame it on a lifetime of trying to escape,…Read full article

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