Horrorscopes: These Are the Days

Published  August 2013

Things can get pretty intense in the heat of the Leo Sun. One minute you have something growing strong and tall and bearing fruit, and the next minute it’s gone… sometimes taken by the Sun, and sometimes taken by the rain (let us never forget hurricane season). It’s often when the Sun is the highest in the sky and life seems most abundant that we forget we are all truly blessed to have each day; it could be gone tomorrow. Indeed, these are the days you will remember.



Cancer’s watery vibes linger too long in your house ruled by the Sun. In order to revitalize your lion heart and soul and shake the troubles of your summer, you must return to the fire. In fact, seek it out—whatever that means to you. One good thing: Mercury is in your corner, making your mind super sharp. You will come up with some brilliant ideas and it’s important for you to start working on them and, in fact, lose yourself in these projects. Your work will become very important and even save you from the tribulations you are being faced with right now.



The rest of the year will be very favorable for Virgos and it starts with this month. Your charisma shines and draws others to you. That’s why it’s so important to get out this month, instead of hiding like you normally like to do. Just remember not to waste your time on someone who isn’t truly making you happy. Your creative and artistic side at work flourishes. And again, don’t waste your time serving anything that doesn’t serve you back. Now is the time to get the ball rolling and watch it keep rolling for the rest of the year.



Uranus has entered your house, marking surprising turns and a time of inevitable change. Don’t fight any of them. The changes are taking you wherever you need to be. These changes may be for the better, but they don’t necessarily have to be. Whatever they are, you will be a bit shocked and a little amazed. Your charm powers are turned all the way up to 11 this month. Really, Libra?! Sometimes you should have warning stickers on you. Be aware of what’s around you and don’t forget a little fantasy is good. But a flighty affair may not be.



Monotonous actions make you long for another job.Your daydreams keep taking you to creative and spiritual places. However, think hard before you make any moves and do not leap before you look. Apply that to your love life, too. Think! Think! Think! before you speak. It may be simple advice but it’s doubly important for you this month. And start walking 30 minutes or more every day. Make the time, not the excuses.



Sagittarius will be focusing on money this month: what you have acquired, what you have saved and what is truly even more valuable than money in life. If you can’t do what you love to make money, then love other parts of your life more and tolerate what you do to get by. A true spiritual awakening could be yours at the end of August. Whether this changes your most intimate relationships or brings you closer to your dreams is up to you. You may finally realize that your thoughts, words and actions make you who you are… so take a good hard look in the mirror.



Tolerance of annoying things will be the Capricorn struggle this month. Remember that all things are temporary. You will find, through this tolerance and by changing the way you solve problems, a deeper reflection on life as well as unearthing some new personal questions for yourself. Sometimes agreeing to disagree is the best way to go. And if it makes any sense whatsoever, this goes for your internal struggles as well.



Having many relationships is very important to an Aquarius’ lifestyle. You love to collaborate and feel one with the universe. If you have been neglecting this impulse, now is the time to focus on it again. No giant plans of grandeur are necessary and there is no need to cause catastrophes in the wake of making a few friends. Shifting your opinion on a few things right now may really bring about some new opportunities.



Your mojo is on this month, which leads to all sorts of new attention. So, what to do next? You have a few choices that will lead you in opposite directions. Choose wisely and don’t forget about paths you have already chosen before. Stories usually turn out the same, even if you wish them different. Never forget––the choice you make at the end of the day is yours. Don’t blame anyone else for your unhappiness or what you choose.



Aries might not know which way is up this month. You will want to stay; you will want to go. You may be excited to get things going and in the same breath become sentimental for the past. Do not do anything. Really. Stay put and save your energy for the explosion that will happen in September. Any efforts made now

will not only be made in vain, but may actually ruin the better plans that are in store for you next month. So just say “no” to everything and relax.



If you missed your summer vacay, Taurus, you really didn’t. Now is actually the best time for you to go, but make sure it’s a social endeavor and not a reclusive one. Yes, it’s true: people rely on you. But you will better serve them if you actually take a break from them every once in awhile. Remember this rule, even though your life will be pulling towards deepening

important relationships for the rest of the year. You can have both. Just set limits and boundaries and make time to always have your own life and your own self.



Are you finally relaxing into security? Secure in who you are, secure in what you believe and value, secure in what you have? Maybe the summer has taught you a few things with all of this growth and swelling. In fact, you should be feeling like your good old self again by the middle of August. Once you are there and settled, you will see good times and romance. Maybe the good times were there all along—because you have finally relaxed and allowed yourself to see them.



If you are continuing to have the same problems with love this summer, especially in the areas of patience and communication, you can always blame it on the stars. Because right now, they are not working with you. The universe is testing you and your relationships and how you react may determine your future (well honestly, how you act always determines your future––stars or no stars). So remain true to yourself and things will surely come around. Remember to not overdo things and explain what you want clearly.


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