Letter from the Editor: Frozen Moments

Published  August 2013

aug13antigravity_Page_03_Image_0001Between the sweat dripping in our eyes and the heat melting away our attention span, it’s just too damn hot to get much reading or critical thought done this month. So how about a nice photo spread instead?

We’re totally thrilled to bring you our first ever (and hopefully annual) photo issue. It’s no secret that a large part of our content lives or dies by the images we pair with our words, so I for one feel very fortunate that AG has such a talented pool of shutterbugs.

It’s also no secret that photographers are all insane to some degree. I’m not sure there’s another art form that takes quite the combination of obsessive-compulsive disorder, mechanics and vision, as well as a fickle balance of boldness and submission. Hard to explain, indeed, which is why some of our photographers would’ve gladly pulled a fingernail in place of writing a statement.

I don’t want to get into a whole thing about the internet here but it dismays me that these days the digital stream buries information as soon as it’s created. Paradoxically, it’s hard to be surprised anymore: we see everything but remember nothing. Images of shows and events are posted immediately to the social network, only to be forgotten moments later as the next wave comes crashing in. I hope that in some small way, AG is slowing down that surge.

One last thought: take a few images out of the cloud every once in awhile and make a print. There’s something about a moment frozen on paper (even if it’s printed on newspaper, in unforgiving black and white) that speaks to the soul in the simplest way.


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