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Sunny Drake: Broken Hearts, Broken Systems


Red Light Fever: That’s a Wrap!

September begins the mourning process for Piety Street Recording, as it takes its final bow. It could be viewed as another step in an unfortunate direction for New Orleans music but owner/operator Mark Bingham would…Read full article

Reality Bites: Steve Yamada’s Good Spirits

New  Orleans was once a beacon to fine spirits enthusiasts across the nation, to the degree that Huey P. Long once flew a bartender from the Roosevelt Hotel’s Sazerac Bar to New York City to…Read full article

The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part five)

Read Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI “Hey, you are a little old of a person to be hanging with those young after hours…Read full article

Horrorscopes: More than Saints Season

Even though it’s still too hot to feel the relief, now is the start of harvest season and the time for Virgos, the Virgin. And beginnings! Finally, the birth of many things you have been…Read full article

Letter from the Editor: Postsummer Hangover

If you’re reading this in New Orleans—and not some godforsaken hotel room or a dark and sweltering home in a still city—then congratulations. While there’s a long ways to go until the end of hurricane…Read full article


Sunny Drake: Broken Hearts, Broken Systems

Plunging into the depths of  your own emotional heartaches for artistic inspiration is as old as art itself. But few artists strive to give their lives over to the creative process like Sunny  Drake. He…Read full article

Justice is Social: ROOTS Week in Review

ROOTS Week, an annual gathering of artists from around the South, is always full of surprises. At dinner one evening, the clamor of conversation in the cafeteria was suddenly interrupted by a boom box playing…Read full article

Dr. Ike Stomps Again

After taking a break in 2012, the Ponderosa Stomp returns to celebrate its 11th year with “Three days of the best music you’ve never heard of.” Ponderosa Stomp Foundation President and Founder, Ira “Dr. Ike”…Read full article

One Question for My Last Show of Summer

ROOM 101 Room 101 is a solo guitar act playing against a backdrop of  abrasive film montage synced with programmed compositions.  He is a teacher by day. What is the secret to balancing work and…Read full article

Field Notes from Down Low: Summer 2013

Anyone who’s stayed in the city for at least a couple years straight knows New Orleans has definite periods of dispersing her children (after Mardi Gras) and harvesting them all back to her sticky, sweaty…Read full article

Man Man: Every Man for Himself

Known primarily for the outlandish sound of  their earliest recordings––a barely-controlled swirl of  chaos and cacophony––Man Man is the type of  band that could easily fade into caricature. Plenty of  people are turned off  by…Read full article

Head Games with MC Trachiotomy– feat. D. Lefty Parker & Mr. Quintron

If you’ve ever been driving down  the highway late at night, traveling some far distance, the yellow divider unzipping into the black, an AM radio preacher droning on in a thick twang  about the New…Read full article

Slow Cookin’ with R. Scully

Ryan Scully is probably most well known as a member of quintessential New Orleans good-times-party-band, Morning 40 Federation. But his new outfit, R. Scully’s Rough Seven, is releasing their second full-length  LP,  Codebreaker, this month….Read full article

Hostile Takeover: Can New Orleans’ Public Schools Recover from the Recovery?

Since Hurricane Katrina, there has been an abundance of school reform in New Orleans; however, many see it as fake reform or “deform.” At the end of the 2011–2012 school year, 79% of the schools…Read full article

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Reviews, September 2013

  ALEX CHILTON ELECTRICITY BY CANDLELIGHT/ NYC 2/13/97 (BAR/NONE) One February night at New York City’s Knitting Factory, the power went out. An Alex Chilton solo performance slated to go on that night was initially…Read full article