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Reviews, December 2013


Guidance Counseling: Mike Cooley

Mike Cooley is frequently a man of few words. He tends to save his best ones for writing lyrics with his band of 18 years, Drive-by Truckers. But he took the time to answer a…Read full article

Red Light Fever: Born into DIY

Ross Farbe and Michael Hohan have been playing music for nearly their whole lives. Farbe started taking drum lessons when he was eight years old and Hohan caught the music bug in 4th grade when…Read full article

Reality Bites: Chef Bull

Outstanding cuisine isn’t required to come on fancy, fragile china, plated with tweezers on a bed of micro greens and presented with puffs of scented air. Sometimes all you want is some goddamned bacon. But…Read full article

Horrorscopes: Cupid Clause

Find the pair of lips you really want kiss and lead them under the mistletoe this month because love is in the air. Every sign will have a total preoccupation with that good old emotion––love….Read full article

Letter from the Editor: Somewhere to Start

As a teenager, I had so much fun going to shows that I decided one day I wanted to start putting them on myself. So I let it be known and soon enough, I got…Read full article


All In with Dave Fera

On a particularly cold, wet and Saints-less Sunday, Dave Fera and I huddled over our coffees trying to stay warm, like a clichéd scene of hobos with brown bags clustered over burning barrels. It was…Read full article

Cut Off and Cursed Out: Die Rötzz Survives its First Decade (and Dee Slut)

The music industry can be an ugly place, full of shattered dreams and fragile egos. Most bands playing for nothing right now dream of days when the venues will sell out and the albums fly…Read full article

Oh Holy Night: Christmas with John Waters

He’s been called many things: the Pope of Trash, Prince of Puke, Cecil B. DeMented. He is as famous for his perverted smile and the wispy sliver of hair on his upper lip as he…Read full article

Top Gross-Out Moments in John Waters Films

Mondo Trasho (1969) – John Waters’ first full-length film is certainly unique in that it’s basically a silent film, using music to tell the story. The live chicken decapitation in the beginning, followed by some…Read full article

Banned from the Pub: Pizza Burglar Records

A passion for music can propel anyone into a number of thankless tasks ( like magazine publishing or show promotion), but creating a respectable record label is its own kind of challenge. The cheerleading part…Read full article

Last Supper (part one!)

Dinner parties in New Orleans, whether well-funded or not, can take on a professional air, as if a good Zagat’s rating hangs in the balance—or at least the approval of one’s service industry peers. With the guidance…Read full article

Help Wanted? McTeaching with Teach for America

Have you run into an increasing number of young 20-somethings in your favorite restaurants or bars around New Orleans? Every year, around 400 recent college graduates move to New Orleans to “Teach for America.” Teach…Read full article

Almost Ready: The Story of Punk Rock in New Orleans – An Interview with Director Al Champagne

I could ask a million different people how they found out about punk and what it meant to them when they did, and never get bored of hearing the variety of answers. It could be…Read full article

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Reviews, December 2013

Books P. CURRAN NAUGHT  BUT A SHADOW: A NOVEL OF THE OCCULT (CADIZ & CADIZN’T) Written before author P. Curran’s sublime Stay Out Of New Orleans, yet published after that collection, Curran returns to the…Read full article