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Surviving and Thriving with Trophy Wife


Letter from the Editor: Nostalgia Trip

The last month of 2013 hosted a veritable bingo of ‘90s female icons for me: I got to see Cat Power solo at the House of Blues, the Breeders perform Last Splash note-for-note at One…Read full article

Astrocreep: Astrocreep 2014

Greetings from your new astral arbiter. My nom de preternatural guerre is Mistress Anthropy. It is a mitzvah and a delight to forecast the coming months for you. I enrich my astrological predictions with teachings…Read full article

Reality Bites: Meat with Manners

I’ve been a hardcore carnivore for as long as I can remember. I vividly recall holding a plastic toy triceratops and wondering how I could carve out a rib roast like the one Fred Flintstone…Read full article

Red Light Fever: Big Ro

Roland “Big Ro” Smith has been in the game since rap music was a snotty- nose child riding handle bars. Before helping found Cash Money in the early ‘90s, Ro was only 14 years old…Read full article


Surviving and Thriving with Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife are a two-piece punk band from Philadelphia. They play angular, passionate songs inspired by topics as far flung as their friendship, the poetry of Audre Lorde, and water politics. Diane Foglizzo plays guitar, Katy…Read full article

Taking Notes with Futurebirds

Athens, Georgia has long been a fertile ground for musical innovation. The latest gift it has bestowed upon the world comes wrapped in a big, loud, trippy package. Futurebirds meld the endearing storytelling traditions of…Read full article

Peaches: Anti-Jukebox Hero

A few dozen issues ago, I wrote a column for Antigravity about going to a Peaches show in the French Quarter. I’d earned a spot on “the list” by cornering the ever-so- obliging tour manager…Read full article

Life’s a Beach in 2014: Resolutions from some of the AG Staff

1. Stop smoking. (Failed) 2. Write more, continue to work hard and make more money. Maybe even ascend  into a new tax bracket for 2015. 3. Eat only delicious food. Life is too short for…Read full article

Watch Me Do My Thing: Surveillance in New Orleans

Several years ago I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon of Mardi Gras on a Bourbon Street balcony. It’s no business of mine how others choose to pass their Mardi Gras, but the crowd…Read full article

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Reviews, January 2014

Books ERIN K. WILSON SNOWBIRD: BOOK ONE (SELF-PUBLISHED) The premise of the graphic novel Snowbird has all the makings of a disaster: a jane-come-lately do-gooder  drops in on New Orleans to literally  lecture everyone about…Read full article