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Published  February 2014

antigravity_vol11_issue4_Page_10_Image_0002Not Enough! Fest is an annual music festival that showcases and supports new collaborative work by women, queer folks, and people of color. Last year was the first year for this festival in New Orleans, but its origins trace  back to Portland around 5 years ago. Not Enough! is organized by a group of people dedicated to encouraging folks who feel marginalized within music, yet want to express themselves. Not Enough! organizes bands and provides them with a stage, but also accomplishes so much more. The central objective is to build empowerment by way of hosting skillshares and social events—like last year’s ice cream social and this year’s band speed dating mixer. As Osa Atoe, a Not Enough! organizer (and Antigravity contributor), wrote in this year’s Not Enough! zine, the fest “seeks to make room for the beginning musician to participate.”

As a professional educator by day, I gotta give props to those who think about the generations after ours. To ensure that our culture (whatever that is) has some sustainability, we must provide for those coming after us. To use a personal example, this is my last year in my 20s and lately I have been thinking about how to teach  others to play bass so they won’t find it as hard as I did, when I had to teach  myself. This inspired me to write the how-to-play-bass book for Not Enough! Fest and Girls Rock Camp. I feel like I’m only now starting to think about those  after me because I’m getting older and accepting the fact that I won’t be in the scene playing bass forever.

So if you have always wanted to release  your demons real loud on stage in front  of an adoring audience: now is your chance! Not Enough! Fest is underway. Get into it. Here’s what’s happened so far, mark your calendars for future Not Enough! events!

January 15: New Orleans’ second ever Not Enough! Fest held a planning meeting. In the words of some people who attended that night, it was a chill event. People just gathered on that  cold night to make sure everyone else was still down and to touch base before their first NEF social mixer.

January 23: NEF Social Mixer Band Speed Dating! held at Morning Call Cafe in City Park.  There, people got to interview each other for two minutes at a time, in typical speed-dating fashion. The Not Enough! Fest Krewe put together a zine to help prospective future rock stars through the process. Inside, one could find an introduction to Not Enough! Fest, the guidelines, and “20 Questions” for people to ask in case they needed help breaking the ice. Questions ranged from musical interests, inspirations, aspirations, dream cover bands, and of course, Courtney Love.

HERE IS A LIST OF NOT ENOUGH FEST’S SKILL SHARE SUNDAYS! While skill shares are open to everyone, space is specifically prioritized for women and queer folks, in keeping with the mission of the fest.

MARCH 16: Drums @ Jane Place

MARCH 23: PA, Vox, Brass & Acoustic instruments @ the Print Shop

MARCH 30: Guitar @ the Print Shop APRIL 6: Bass & Keys @ the Print Shop

APRIL 13: “Go Big or Go Home” (How to Promote Your Band and Book Shows) @ the Print Shop

MAY 3: Not Enough Fest (“Mark your calendars! Mark them with pencil though.”)

For more information about Not Enough Fest 2014 in New Orleans, please go to

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