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Fan Mail, July ’14 (comic)


Letter from the Editor: Short and Sweet

Well, you know how I usually like to go on and on in the intro. But for July let’s just jump in because this issue is a freakin’ phone book. Mortality is the theme this…Read full article

Astrocreep: Death is Merciful… Peace Rests Nevermore

June was so hard. My friends became sick. My friends became paralyzed. My friends died. Intellectually, my values anchor my worldview in staunch recognition of chaos and godlessness. But my heart became unmoored. When confronted…Read full article

Red Light Fever: King James in the Parlor

The current incarnation of Parlor  Studios, in the Irish Channel, looks much like any other recording environment of New Orleans: gear crowds tiny rooms, while everything from tape echo boxes to stacks of drum  shells…Read full article


Fan Mail, July ’14 (comic)

What the Fuck are You Doing Here? An All People South American Tour Diary

Community Records’ All People (Greg Rodrigue, Daniel “D-Ray” Ray, Robert Landry, and Zach Quinn) recently took their Fugazi-meets-Lee “Scratch” Perry sound to Brazil for some marinated shark, equine dumpster diving, and one unimpressed monkey. Wrapping…Read full article

Fat Kid from Outer Space: An Interview with NOLA Graffiti Artist TARD

During the last decade, New Orleans has slowly accumulated an impressive collection of art from graffiti artist TARD, whose work includes cartoonish images of flying hot dogs, birds, and a mysterious—albeit ubiquitous—snaggle-toothed face. Many times…Read full article

E3: A Gamer’s Heaven and Hell

The Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) is the largest, most popular, and most expensive display of hardware, software, and games in the world. For those unaware, video games have their own members-only Comic-Con. It is insider-and-industry-…Read full article

This Interview (with King Buzzo) Kills Readers

Let it be known that the amazingly singular personality that is Roger “Buzz” Osborne, also known as “King Buzzo,” simply will not slow down. In 1983, he founded the grunge/sludge powerhouse band the Melvins, and…Read full article

No Age: David Ensminger’s “Confessions of a Punk Eye”

You might remember Houstonian David Ensminger from his flier art show at Trouser House Gallery on St. Claude in 2011. Sparrowhawk and Nervous Juvenile played on a foliage-encircled stage in the backyard. Inside the gallery,…Read full article

Crashing Pits and Picket Lines with Downtown Boys

Remember the days when punk bands sang with conviction about everything that wasn’t right with the world? Corporate exploitation of land and people, poverty, shitty landlord-renter or employer-employee dynamics, the lies inherent in mainstream media…Read full article

Last Supper: Summer BBQ Edition

Years ago, we started the tradition of hosting a Gemini party at the original location of the Living Room Studio, which was actually Chris George’s house on Milton Street (in Gretna). We had a giant…Read full article

The Bonnaroo 2014 Comardawards

In this life we live, our worlds are made up of our definitions—limited triggers about what we love, hate, and learn based on experience and stubbornness. The trick is to dissolve or distance yourself from…Read full article

What a Lovely Day to Make-Up: Mike Patton of the Oswalds

Most people who hear the name “Mike Patton” immediately think of the famous crooner from Eureka, California. But for a good handful of folks from New Orleans, they also think of an outrageously underrated songwriter…Read full article

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Reviews, July 2014

Books   DAVE EGGERS YOUR FATHERS, WHERE ARE THEY? AND  THE PROPHETS, DO THEY LIVE FOREVER? (KNOPF/MCSWEENY’S) Eggers’ latest effort is a series of conversations. Each chapter features a different character that our protagonist, Thomas,…Read full article