August 2014 – Antigravity Magazine
Letter from the Editor: Point and Shoot


Letter from the Editor: Point and Shoot

If you are a regular reader of Antigravity, then you already know how I feel about cell phone cameras.  At best they’re mildly annoying,  especially at shows; at worst they’re a self-imposed big brother, a…Read full article

Astrocreep: The Look of Flowers that are Looked At

Word of this month’s Antigravity theme has reached me (despite my isolation in my remote mystic fortress). I considered providing just one image in lieu of the usual twelve star-sourced forecasts, but scores and scores…Read full article


Adrienne Battistella

Dummy Dumpster, Guitar Lightnin’ Lee, and Shovels and Rope are all rock stars to me and their mugs deserve to be preserved. The photo of Erykah Badu is my tribute to Essence Fest—a place where…Read full article

Zack Smith

I’m always looking for the good light. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes I bring it with me. You got to have the good light for the great portrait. Finding the good light is like ordering your…Read full article

Kevin Barrios

Since our last photo issue I have been to the beaches of Florida countless times, New York, Singapore, and Indonesia. I’ve also just recently returned from a Texas and East Coast tour with All People….Read full article

Gary LoVerde

If you go out to see live music in New Orleans, chances are you will, at some point, share space with me. I will have a camera with a flash attached that I use aggressively…Read full article

Amy Martinez

No one does Halloween like New Orleans. And by that, I mean, we do it right. We make our own costumes and we wear them until the wheels come off. Out by the intersection of…Read full article

Eric Martinez

Hello picture lookers. The shot of the guy is Roland, the bartender of Lot 10 Bar and Lounge in Ithaca, New York. The lady is my mom at Buttermilk Falls, A state park in Ithaca….Read full article

Girls Rock New Orleans

Girls Rock New Orleans held its first camp this summer at the Waldorf School of New Orleans, with a final showcase at the Zeigeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center. During this week, 27 campers aged 9 to…Read full article

Sean Ambrose

What first pushed me into the art of pointing and shooting was a beautiful woman, but that’s a story for another day. From there my community and the people fueled the fire of my photographic…Read full article

Annie Pennell

I moved to New Orleans three years ago to discover a life totally different than the one I was used to in California. I came out here with a box full of cameras to document…Read full article

Joshua Brasted

As I board a plane to cover Lollapalooza in Chicago, I also celebrate the one year anniversary of transitioning into a full time professional photographer. In the past year, I’ve had my work published in…Read full article

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Reviews, August 2014

Books MARC SPITZ TWEE: THE GENTLE REVOLUTION IN MUSIC, BOOKS, TELEVISION, FASHION, AND  FILM (IT BOOKS) A critical look at the cultural trends that inform the creation of Wes Anderson’s aesthetic, Neutral Milk Hotel’s In…Read full article