Eric Martinez

Published  August 2014

Hello picture lookers. The shot of the guy is Roland, the bartender of Lot 10 Bar and Lounge in Ithaca, New York. The lady is my mom at Buttermilk Falls, A state park in Ithaca. From my spread at “Mom grew up in a small farm town in New Jersey. In the late ’60s she moved, eventually parking it in New Orleans. Her house got repossessed a couple years ago, and she ended up moving back to her hometown. But in ways it was not any better than Louisiana. Both her parents have passed on, siblings are coming out of hard divorces, the job market sucks, cancer… It’s not the same as when she left as a young teen. And the town isn’t a quaint farm town any more. It’s an endless, abandoned strip mall, a character-less suburb now.” The house with a bunch of stuffed animals on it is located at the Heidelberg Project in Detroit. That city looks like Katrina hit it.




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