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Letter from the Editor: Worlds Away

Cruel Mistress Irony, how you tease me so. I’m writing to y’all this month from a hotel in Chicago. Nine years ago to the day I found myself in this very city, one displaced soul…Read full article

"Death: My Irony Surpasses All Others!" Odilon Redon, lithograph from
his “The Temptation of Saint Anthony” series circa 1881.

Astrocreep: Serpentember

Much of zen thought and self-help boils down to learning to chill the fuck out and accepting unpleasant emotion, events, situations in life. This is a pretty legit M.O. because lots of heinous bullshit happens…Read full article


Guidance Counseling: Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless is a child of Heartland USA, but she specializes in slaying preconceived notions of country music, marrying tales of small town woes with bluesy stomp and a punk snarl. The last two years…Read full article


Hidden Louisiana: Plaquemines Parish

The idea of Louisiana, and the wider south, fascinates me. Geography, history, and contemporary life lie on top of one another, and it is never quite certain which facet you are seeing at a given…Read full article


Praline Dupree by Kaylin Idora

The Roux Spices Up the Burlesque Scene

New Orleanians are a majority people of color, yet they are represented in numbers nowhere near equal in the New Orleans burlesque scene, both as performers and as audience members. Blu Reine intends to change…Read full article


Boyfriend: A Material Girl for a Material World

New Orleans-based femme fatale rapper Boyfriend has become quite the significant other both in the region, across the United States, and all over those blogs you can’t seem to hide from your newsfeed. Two years…Read full article


Sons of Magdalene: Off The Cross

Josh & Charlie, Great job on the new LP. Sorry I can’t make it to the party this time. I’ll catch up with you during the tour. You cats prove New Orleans is capable of…Read full article

Tony Green

The Devil Is All Around: Q&A with Filmmaker Tony Green

Recently, Oretha Haley Castle’s own Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center screened the short film Symbols of the Illuminati in New Orleans, directed by local artist Tony Green. Its synopsis screamed out to me, promising a documentary…Read full article


Don’t Tell Bass Drum of Death What to Do

In early October, Bass Drum of Death releases its third album, Rip This, on L.A.- based label Innovative Leisure. After years of constant touring, along with producing two albums himself, bandleader John Barrett decided Bass…Read full article

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Reviews, September 2014

CORY BRANAN NO-HIT WONDER (BLOODSHOT) Cory Branan’s latest effort, No-Hit Wonder, is a simultaneously summery and sullen showcase of Branan’s immense talent as a writer and his band’s immense talent as a band. These tunes…Read full article