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Reviews, October 2014


Letter from the Editor: Man, Fuck Sports

Growing up in New Orleans, I’ve had little choice but to love the Saints. My earliest memories come from the Bobby Hebert- Dome-Patrol-ChaChing era, a time when the team slowly began to shrug off its…Read full article

Astrocreep: Space Bachtober

You know that thing where you hear about something for the first time—a person, a movie, an author—then all of a sudden it’s everywhere? This phenomenon can be easily explained by the efficacy of data…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Screaming Females

This year’s Community Records Block Party will be headlined by Screaming  Females, a power trio (from Joizey!) featuring the giant guitar shredding (and vocals) of Marissa Paternoster. A road-tested heroine for the punk underground, we…Read full article

Red Light Fever: Solid State Wizards

It’s a beautiful fall afternoon, but I’m standing in the dank, dark hallway of Fountainbleau Storage—8th floor, OG level—posted up outside of Mountain of Wizard’s practice room. I’m waiting for a pause in the jam…Read full article


Goner Fest Two Knives (11) Recap

Note to self that I still like rock’n’roll music. This year’s Gonerfest featured the most thoughtful lineup in recent memory, in that it represented the current musical taste of Goner Eric and Zac (from here…Read full article

Poop and Boners: An Interview with Tesco Vee

Back in the ‘80s when punk rock was really getting going, there were bands that stood for something and fought to be heard. There were bands who tried to give their peers a voice and explain…Read full article

Glow Sticks and Goat’s Blood: AG Writers Pick their Voodoo 2014 Favorites

The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience has always served up an eclectic conflict of sound, whether it’s been Neil Young vs. Metallica, Rage Against the Machine vs. M.I.A., or this year’s lineup, which pits metal…Read full article

Lost and Found: An interview with Walt McClements (Lonesome Leash)

I met Walt McClements shortly after Katrina. It was my third day at a new job, manning the counter at Z’otz Cafe on Oak street. He was quiet nearly the entire shift, but utterly warm…Read full article

Don’t Be a Ghost on Halloween

Hey: you’re not a kid anymore. I’m sorry. It sucks you had to find out this way, in the pages of this magazine. Most likely you were drawn in by Passmore’s art and your eyes…Read full article

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Reviews, October 2014

Books BLACK FRANCIS, JOHN  FRANK, STEVE APPLEBY THE GOOD INN (IT BOOKS) In 1908, the simple mechanics of the zoetrope and the science, chemistry, and fledgling art of still photography had combined in a new…Read full article