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Astrocreep: Status Queaxvember


Letter from the Editor: Enter Again the Sweet Forest

Recently, my mom brought over two journals of mine from when I was a kid. One was from 8th grade, the other from 9th grade. Whoosh, what a psychic trip that was. The pages of…Read full article

Astrocreep: Status Queaxvember

The calendar slides into November and we feel a little depleted and delicate, like a serotonin hangover after a late MDMA night. Except we haven’t just stayed up holding hands, sharing our favorite thoughts, feeling…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Caddywhompus

Sean Hart and Chris Rehm have been making music together since they were kids, but as the experimental, mind-tickling duo Caddywhompus, they have landed a coveted spot as both  critical darlings and fan favorites. Their work…Read full article

Hidden Mississippi: War on Water

Settlement and development of the lower Mississippi delta is all about water control and water management. Devastating floods— such as the great flood of 1927, which flooded 127,000 square miles in water as deep as…Read full article


Reunions & Rock’n’Roll Remembrances: A Recap of the 2014 Housecore Horror Film Festival

Living in New Orleans, there are always tons of things to do around the end of October. As Halloween approaches, the tally of concerts and horror movie screenings grows exponentially. However, some years it’s easy…Read full article

Speaking Freely: The Graduates Share Stories of Life After Incarceration

You don’t need to look farther than the huge new jail being constructed over by Broad and Tulane to be reminded that Louisiana is the incarceration capital of the world. According to The Times-Picayune, one…Read full article

Corey Mitchell R.I.P.

About 12 years ago I was peeping through the film/television section at Barnes & Noble and came across a perhaps misplaced true crime book that was right up my alley: Hollywood Death Scenes: True Crime…Read full article

Playing with Pain: NUMB Self-Medicates

“When the dreadful steel was plunged into the breast – cutting through veins – arteries– flesh – nerves… I began a scream that lasted unintermittingly during the whole time of the incision… When the wound…Read full article

We Were Promised Jetpacks: Lost in Translation

Most music we love has a context: a girlfriend or boyfriend played it for us, we heard it in a movie, we saw it happen live in front of us. But for the life of…Read full article

Psychopath Blues: Mike IX Williams Feeds Back

I’ve known the members of self-described “Down To Earth Motherfucken Post Amplification Blues” group Eyehategod since before they were a band. I guess you could say we all grew up together as a part of…Read full article

Rain and Roads, Reissued Records, Our First Kiss: Celebrating 24 Hour Revenge Therapy– 20 Years Later

I was sitting against the wall of the Faubourg Marigny Community Center (currently the Maison) waiting for an Avail show to start. I had started my afternoon in Tower Records seeking out the latest issue…Read full article

Angola Rodeo Postcard

Did you know that Angola offers offenders a chance to earn an accredited bachelor’s degree? Did you know that Angola is the only penitentiary in the US to have an FCC licensed radio station? If…Read full article

Photos from Community Records’ 2014 Block Party

Voodoo Fest ’14 : an Antigravity Photo Essay

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Reviews, Nov 2014

Books NOT THAT KIND  OF GIRL: A YOUNG WOMAN TELLS YOU WHAT  SHE’S “LEARNED” LENA DUNHAM (RANDOM HOUSE) What kind of girl is Lena Dunham? Not That Kind Of Girl, in any other context,  would…Read full article