Guidance Counseling: Dax Riggs

Published  December 2014

antigravity_vol12_issue2_Page_06_Image_0003For more than 20 years, Dax Riggs has been the resident doomy crooner of south Louisiana. Famous for his blend of vocal virtuosity and dark subject matter, his most well-known gig was as the frontman of Acid Bath. He also did stints fronting Agents of Oblivion and Deadboy and the Elephantmen. The past few years have seen him working mostly on solo material, including 2010’s well-received LP  Say Goodnight to the World. Dax makes regular pilgrimages to New Orleans to play to his fervent and sizeable fan base here and you can catch him later this month on the 27th at his regular haunt, One Eyed Jacks. He was kind enough to take a swing at this month’s reader queries with his own brand of blunt, honest realism.


I moved to a new part of town recently and I’m ashamed to admit: I forgot my neighbors’ names. I introduced myself to them and everything and we say hi to each other when we’re both out front. Now it’s several months later and it will be super awkward if I have to ask them. How can I find out without busting myself?

Whatever you do, don’t ask their names again. Lead with “How’s it goin’?” “What’s up?” or “Man, did you hear that last night?” etc. This could run smoothly for a million years. Or you could take a friend with you to introduce themselves while you’re like “checking out the clouds” or something.


One of my co-workers brings her son into the office all of the time. Management doesn’t care, though it irks me and some of my co-workers. I’m not anti-kid, I’m just anti-distraction when I’m trying to get work done, and he is always running around and being loud. It just doesn’t seem professional or even safe. But I can’t yell at someone else’s child. What can I do?

You might need to invest in candy and comics. At worst, take that portable video game thingie you used to love and have it there for the child to get quiet with.


I’ve been seeing someone for a while and it’s going pretty good… except her apartment is a lot dirtier than mine. She always has a sink full of dishes, laundry everywhere, piles of mail etc. I’ve helped her clean it a few times but I think she’s just ambivalent about organization and cleanliness. I know I should let it go but I’m a little OCD myself and it’s freaking me out. Are we doomed?

Yeah, you’re probably doomed unless you can learn to revel in filth. Bend your mind, ya know? People do change, so maybe a person can become cleaner/dirtier?


The bass player in our band is especially sensitive to criticism. We all give each other notes on what we play, but every time we suggest that something he’s playing isn’t working, he gets defensive. He’s a good bass player all around so it’s not a huge problem… still, there are those times… how can we get him to not take our critiques so personally?

The eternal question. You have to have it out to let him know that that’s not working for you. And if it explodes at that point then so be it. It’s a band, right? You’ve gotta get it on.


I am fucking BROKE this year but of course I have to get some gifts together for my close friends and family. I know everyone would be cool if I didn’t give them anything… but I WANT to. What’s cheap but not too crappy? (And I’m not making anything! Not that skilled.)

How about things of yours just lying around that you’re probably over anyway? It’ll be more personal and tidy your space. How about a CD mix with songs you think that person might like? Last resort, stolen flowers from the nearest graveyard.


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