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Letter from the Editor: Incendiary Ideas

As I get older, I’m finding that New Year’s is a great chance to hit the ground running, rather than a chance to squeeze in one last rager. I spent January 1st planting a satsuma…Read full article

From "Moonblight and Six Feet of Romance (1892)," by Daniel Carter Beard.

Astrocreep: 2015 is Ours to Lose

Happy New Year, creepoids. The beginning of the year is characterized by good intentions, ambitious promises, and the usual plague of charlatanry. I will not begrudge you your personal resolutions for the year (I’m trying…Read full article


Guidance Counseling: Ex Hex

Mary Timony has built quite a following over two and a half decades as an active, touring musician. Launching her career as a vocalist for Autoclave in 1990, Timony was also part of Green 4,…Read full article


The Healthy Hipster: The Biggest Loser

I’ll begin this column on health and wellness with a disclaimer: I am neither a writer nor a health professional. Bear with me. I am a craft beer drinking, fried food eating, substance abusing, semi-former…Read full article


Red Light Fever: Vital Sounds

Shuffling past never-ending halls of classrooms, students, and water fountains, it’s hard to imagine that a state-of-the-art recording studio dwells inside the otherwise cookie cutter college environment at Loyola University New Orleans. I meet up…Read full article


Hidden Louisiana: Louisiana Leprosarium

In 1894, a man from New Orleans turned up in Iberville Parish. He was looking for a large tract of land, he explained, for an ostrich farm. He managed to purchase the dilapidated Indian Camp…Read full article



Hold Your Breath: Refusal to Report Sexual Violence Isn’t Just About Stigma

I spent my first six months of graduate school being stalked and sexually harassed, verbally and physically, by another student. I didn’t tell anyone—at all—about the situation at first. I had just moved to a…Read full article


Last Supper: Best of the ‘Burbs Edition

Among the ways I kept my shit together in 2014 was long bike rides through New Orleans’ suburbs. There’s a lot I love about New Orleans suburbs. I love finding bike routes among the canals,…Read full article


Valerie Sassyfras: Sass Against the Machine

For those uninitiated with the one-woman, multi-instrument wielding wrecking crew that is Valerie Sassyfras, let me introduce you. Born Valerie Solomon, Sassyfras began her music career decades ago under the guidance of her late husband…Read full article


Metronome the City: Dissected to the 32nd Note

It is often said that New Orleans has its own influential beat, a citywide groove, a rhythm that bridges wards, a streetcar line-crossed chord progression of world music. If that is true, then Metronome The…Read full article


The Jingle Boyz: Boyz, Beer and Borrowed Time

A couple of dudes endeavor to make a living out of quick lyrics and slick beats. They barter with the local community for whatever they can get. Their methods are questionable, their clients are near…Read full article


American Resolutions

1587, Saint Augustine, Spanish Florida: 21-year-old Martín de Argüelles resolves to incorporate more Timicuan native slang into his lexicon, at once antagonizing the colonial aristocracy and the appropriated native tribe. “Whatever, taca-biro gonna taca,” Martín…Read full article

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Reviews, January ’15

Books   THE NEW ORLEANS JAZZ SCENE 1970-2000: A PERSONAL RETROSPECTIVE THOMAS W. JACOBSEN (LSU PRESS) Jazz music is New Orleans’ artistic tributary that runs into the larger river of American music and culture. Music…Read full article