Letter from the Editor: Incendiary Ideas

Published  January 2015

antigravity_vol12_issue3_Page_03_Image_0001As I get older, I’m finding that New Year’s is a great chance to hit the ground running, rather than a chance to squeeze in one last rager. I spent January 1st planting a satsuma tree. That might be weird as winter sweeps in, but this is still South Louisiana. Those roots are just going to have to take hold in the soil. No one chooses when they’re born, so we have to start living whenever and wherever it happens. Plus, I planted that little thing (it’s about knee-high right now) in plenty of sunlight, so hopefully some will eventually spill out from this overcast sky we’ve had over the new year weekend.

You could say that about this first issue of 2015, which looks a little stark at first. But don’t let the black and white fool you; there’s plenty of warmth in these pages, which we were busy preparing as soon as the year kicked off. Many, many thanks to the AG staff, who buried their heads in their laptops and entertained endless texts, phone calls, emails, and psychic distress signals from me on Day One. Proud of all y’all and it makes me think that we’re going to get some really important work done this year. I hope the same for everyone out there in Antigravityland. Stay warm. Burn us up if you have to.

—Dan Fox


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