February 2015 – Antigravity Magazine
Speed Dating with Sylvia Plath


Letter from the Editor: Only 90s Kids Will Up the Punx

Growing up in the 90s, I was greatly inspired by the alternative cultural movements happening at the time. Back then, New Orleans was blessed-cursed as a relatively slow, quiet backwoods city in the deep South—at…Read full article

Astrocreep: They Sell Us Love as Divinity…

“…When it’s only a social obscenity. Underneath we’re all lovable, HA!” Thus begins my favorite Crass song, “Darling,” a classic Valentine’s anthem. The modern couple unit is both an invention of the grim, isolating ruling…Read full article

Reality Bites: Citywide King Cake Reviews

This month we welcome Yvette to helm our food column. A born and bred New Orleanian, Yvette loves old buildings, thrift stores, and of course, going out to eat. She’ll be all around town so…Read full article

Red Light Fever: Electric Girl

While fellow classmates are consumed with partying and having the stereotypical university experience, Flor Serna has been focused on breaking the mold. As a practiced recording engineer in her own right, Serna has recently found…Read full article


Would Candice Like This? A farewell to the Branch Manager of New Orleans DIY Punk

In her book Bird By Bird, Anne Lamott describes writing “presents” to loved ones. And although her recipients included a father dying of cancer and a terminally ill friend, and mine is only going as…Read full article

Bands Candice was in: A Retrospective

Bryan Funck referred to Candice as “one of the hardest working punks in New Orleans.” Perry calls her “the regional branch manager of DIY punk.” And both my old man and Perry are right on…Read full article

Azz Everywhere with Diarrhea Planet

When I first spotted Nashville punk rockers Diarrhea Planet on the Hangout Fest lineup last spring, all I could think was “I don’t care how good they are; that is a heinous band name.” I…Read full article

Farewell to the Flesh: Notes on a Cybernetic Carnival

Everyone celebrates Mardi Gras their own way, some by avoiding it altogether, but my Mardi Gras lives and flourishes in the streets—streets transformed into space for humans having fun rather than for cars or business….Read full article

Gracious Host: Parisite Ushers in a New Era of NOLA Skate Culture

Despite a historical lack of organization and support from the city, as well as the usual hassle by law enforcement, the New Orleans skate scene has produced a steady crew of enthusiasts and infrastructure over…Read full article

Catharsis: Choose Your Heaven

In the mid-90s when I first began obsessing over hardcore, it still held a strong, exotic mysticism that was only informed by the few shows I was lucky enough to stumble upon, the folklore propagated…Read full article

Speed Dating with Sylvia Plath

And I am a smiling woman. I am only thirty. And on the clock we have two minutes to speak. What a tragic circumstance. The lonely desperate crowd Burns up for “love.” Out of the…Read full article

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Reviews, February 2015

Books JEFF CHANG WHO WE BE: THE COLORIZATION OF AMERICA (ST. MARTIN’S  PRESS) Best known for the landmark hip-hop history Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Stanford University Institute for Diversity in the Arts director Jeff Chang…Read full article