March 2015 – Antigravity Magazine
Dirtfarm: How to Quit Facebook


Letter from the Editor: Media and Moments

A monthly rag such as ours is always trying to be timely, and yet we are almost certainly outdated the moment the papers hit New Orleans. The “nowness” all periodicals aim for is a moving…Read full article

Reader Feedback: Ask Not For Whom the Pretentious Windbag Wallows

We got some of y’all taking last month. Here’s what you had to say, via your ‘puters. First, our provocateur-laureate Jules Bentley, as usual, took the brunt of your ire for  his People’s History of…Read full article

Astrocreep: Two Minutes of Darkness

That is roughly the duration of totality for the solar eclipse on March 20th. The full darkness will only be visible in two populated places, both remote. I’m enthralled by animated gifs depicting the path…Read full article

Reality Bites: A Selfish, Soulless Seafood Splurge

It’s at this point in our relationship that we may as well discuss religion, right? Like 99.9% of other native  New Orleanians (give or take a few percentage points, I guess), I’m Catholic or at…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Big Freedia

A household name here at home for years, Queen Diva Big Freedia has been taking audiences around the country by storm, grabbing their slightly-stunned hands and dragging them onto the dance floor for a crash…Read full article

The Cost Of Living: First Impressions

Like so many before and after me—uninvited and clueless—I came to New Orleans. My first visit was in March, 2008. I rode around on a shitty  loaner bike, something of a rite of passage for…Read full article

Hidden Louisiana: Bayou St. Malo

“If you didn’t want to be found, this would definitely be the place to go,” says the pilot of the small boat, laughing. We turn around again. It’s a bright and chilly Sunday morning.  I…Read full article

Quarter Vomit, March ’15

Dirtfarm: How to Quit Facebook


BUKU 4 U: AG Writers’ Picks

Parrotheads and classic rockers stand down: this is not your AARP convention, ‘90s glory days revival, camp-chair army jamstival. The BUKU Music + Art Project, now in its fourth year, drops on New Orleans this…Read full article

Up In Flames with The Burnin’

On April 23, 1940, the Rhythm Club in Natchez, Mississippi burned to the ground. 209 people were killed and many more were injured. Almost all of the victims were Black, and many were buried in…Read full article

Best Fiends: Sharing Eyeliner and Garbage B-sides with Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females

Maybe it was Kathleen Hanna who once said the best way to express appreciation for a band is to give them something you’ve made. You know, the rule of reciprocity. Seeing Screaming Females for the…Read full article

Unapologetically Black: Activism on (and off) the Streets with the Black Youth Project 100

The pattern of American police murdering people of color, an everyday reality for some communities, came to the rest of the world’s attention in 2014. The ongoing governmental failure to prosecute some higher-profile cases triggered…Read full article

The Insider Art of Swans’ Michael Gira

Instead of joining the usual suspects of metal and punk rock for their sound and style, Swans forged a singular vision, one as bleak and seemingly hopeless as their spawning ground of New York City…Read full article

Don Donnie’s Diner: 2016 Presidential Candidate Menu

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Reviews, March ’15

Books P. CURRAN THE BREATHTAKING CHRISTA P. (CADIZ & CADIZN’T) New Orleans in the ‘90s: a great place for an escaped fugitive to hide in plain sight… or it would be for one particular fugitive…Read full article