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Letter from the Editor: It’s Just Art


Letter from the Editor: It’s Just Art

It’s spring and you know what that means: tour season is upon us and I’ve spent the last month with our pals Hurray for the Riff Raff, making a big giant loop through the western…Read full article

Astrocreep: Wild is Free

Keeping a diary is hard, and no one checks LiveJournal anymore, so I’ve been keeping a diary of just a couple words at a time. Some days I write in it every couple hours, some…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Dan Deacon

Part computer whiz, part musical purist, Dan Deacon is all manipulator, a dealer in pliable soundwaves. A master of instruments as varied as keyboard and tuba, his trademark live shows are known for extensive audience…Read full article

Reality Bites: The World’s Perfect Food (Pt. 1)

I was a vegetarian for 15 years and a vegan for two and a half of those. I broke, one fateful summer day, for Popeye’s spicy fried chicken, my absolute favorite childhood meal. And damn, y’all…the…Read full article

Red Light Fever: Engineering at Esplanade

When I imagine a beautiful, cutting-edge recording facility, Esplanade Studios most accurately resembles the grand fantasy conjured up by my imagination. Opened in 2013 and located in the historic Treme neighborhood, the studio resides in…Read full article


Bad Sport: a Golf Course vs. Nature’s Course in City Park

At a groundbreaking ceremony this past February in City Park, shovels dug into earth that the wildlife of Southeast Louisiana had been steadily reclaiming for nearly a decade. Public officials swinging golf clubs provided photo…Read full article

Pariah to Profit: Growing up with Miss Nelle “Harper” Lee

Monroeville, Alabama was a perfectly fine place to be a kid. I was spared any major life trauma, all things considered. I had plenty of friends and my grandparents lived close by and the bubble…Read full article

Vote YES for New Orleans Public Libraries

Our libraries are facing a desperate situation. On May 2nd, the New Orleans Public Library is propositioning voters for the funds to continue operations. As of 2016, all of their reserve funds will be exhausted,…Read full article

Little Trouble Girl: reflecting on Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band

can you sell me yesterday’s girl? cuz every day feel more like her My girlfriend in college used to wake up every morning to “Becuz,” the lead-off track on Sonic Youth’s 1995 masterpiece Washing Machines….Read full article

Earth Day 2015, Presented by Shell

Costco In the face of inevitable catastrophic climate change that will render our planet uninhabitable within the next century, Costco unveils its new Earth 24-pack. “When our species is driven  from this Earth by the…Read full article

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Reviews, April 2015

CHEF MENTEUR III (SUNRISE OCEAN BENDER) The sheer size and scope of Chef Menteur’s III may seem daunting to new listeners at first, but these New Orleans-based instrumentalists are old hands at epic conceptual albums….Read full article