May 2015 – Antigravity Magazine
Letter from the Editor: Silver Scream


Letter from the Editor: Silver Scream

14 years ago I was fortunate enough to find employment in the Louisiana film industry. It’s under a lot of flak right now because of the tax credit scheme, which may or may not be…Read full article

Reader Feedback: Believe It, Fat Ass

Last month’s issue contained an in-depth report on the golf course currently under construction in City Park (“Bad Sport: a Golf Course vs. Nature’s Course in City Park” by Andru Okun). One comment from Don…Read full article

Astrocreep: Captive Menagerie

Did y’all watch  Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief? I sure did. Being an avid conspiracy enthusiast, I also read the book on which it was based ( by Lawrence Wright) as soon…Read full article

Reality Bites: Welcome to Summer

May is officially summer in New Orleans, which means it’s time for shaved ice drenched in sickly sweet syrup: SNO-BALLS! I feel like this should go without saying, but a sno-ball is not a snow…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Matt Sharp of The Rentals

Matt Sharp launched The Rentals 20 years ago as a side project during his time with Weezer. A few years later, he would split from the group for good and The Rentals would go on…Read full article


Lightning Bolt: Decades of Decibels

In 1994, the same year as Green Day’s Dookie and the death of Kurt Cobain, a two-piece formed in Rhode Island’s tiny city of Providence. Since the band’s inception, Brian Gibson has played bass and Brian…Read full article

The Middles of Nowhere: On Tour with All People

With a record label, a handful of musical side projects and several thousands of veggie oil-propelled tour miles under their belts, All People are making a hard case as some of the strongest workhorses in…Read full article

Sei Hexe: Cats on Dope

Sei Hexe are a four piece from Portland, Oregon who are finally making waves in the underground music scene after years of playing shows. After several shifts in their lineup, the current incarnation (Alessandra: guitar,…Read full article

The Fight for $15: A Union and a Movement

On April 15th, low-wage workers across the country went on strike to demand an increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour and the right to unionize. This day of action was coordinated by…Read full article

Lost Mother’s Day Cards

Mother, I know that purchasing and writing in this greeting card are both grave sins, but I thought it was worth risking a night or two in the prayer closet to wish you a happy…Read full article

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Reviews, May 2015

ALABAMA SHAKES SOUND & COLOR (ATO) Alabama Shakes’ 2012 debut Boys & Girls heralded an auspicious beginning for these blues rockers, bringing the raw force of Brittany Howard’s voice, Zac Cockrell’s bass, Heath Fogg’s simple-yet-strong…Read full article