June 2015 – Antigravity Magazine
Going Hungry at the St. Roch Market


Letter from the Editor: Still Basically Doing What We Love to Do

Guess what, Antigraviteers? It’s that time of year again, where our June issue marks another trip around the sun for this ol’ magazine. We had our big decade blowout last year, so to kick off…Read full article

Astrocreep: Our Hollow Earth

Well met, beloved astrocreeps. The images I present to you here were created as supporting evidence for a 17th century theory that the earth was hollow. Various hollow earth theories are a favorite to meditate…Read full article

Red Light Fever: The Music Shed

Euterpe Street, you’d probably never guess that inside of the commonplace warehouse sits a  premiere, Grammy- winning studio that has hosted The Cure, Christopher Walken and Bill Murray, REM,  and Dr. John to name a…Read full article

Reality Bites: The World’s Perfect Food (Pt. 2)

In April, I ate fried chicken at five different locales—this month I’ll look at five more: Lil Dizzy’s (1500 Esplanade Ave.) Lil Dizzy’s came highly recommended, so I was very excited to try it. The…Read full article

Hidden Louisiana: Last Island

The wealthy always need an escape.  Entire geographic locations are constructed with the promise of escape, of getting away—an archipelago built in remote locations, strung together by their promised atmospheres of seclusion. Megaresorts have bloomed…Read full article


Going Hungry at the St. Roch Market

New Orleans’ latest landmark of controversial redevelopment speaks to the crossroads at which the city has found itself, precariously situated between endemic poverty and craft cocktails. The juxtaposition of a fast- food restaurant and a…Read full article

Confronting Histories Old and New with #BlackSpring

#BlackLivesMatter. Much has been made recently of this simple, yet necessary affirmation of the humanity of Black people in America. The hashtag was created by Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza in 2012 after…Read full article

No Time for Tears: A Firsthand Account of the Nepal Earthquake and its Aftermath

I left New Orleans to pursue an MA in Buddhist Studies in Nepal last August. Last month I experienced the most traumatic event of my life, though it was nothing compared to many others around…Read full article

One Big Holiday: Recapping Hangout Fest 2015

For three days a year, a quiet beachside town in Baldwin County, Alabama transforms into the USA’s only large-scale music festival directly on a beach. Hangout Fest started in 2010, less than a month after…Read full article

Check Please: The Eat Local Challenge and the Price of Virtue

Some years ago I was working as a janitor at a rural facility that hosted various conferences, one of which had to do with “sustainability.” During my lunch break, a white hippie in his 40s…Read full article

All Out of Enemies: Slipknot Live! At Champion’s Square

I saw Slipknot 16 years too late. They played in Champion’s Square with Hatebreed a month ago, and put on the spectacle my eternal angsty skater kid had only read about in Revolver. Long since…Read full article

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Reviews, June ’15

ISSA RAE THE MISADVENTURES OF AWKWARD BLACK GIRL (37 INK/ATRIA BOOKS) YouTube, much maligned for creating loads of inane internet stars, blessedly balances out those scales by bringing the world the work and perspectives of…Read full article