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New Summer Theme Park Rides


Letter from the Editor: Glover Circle

Last month we ran a piece by activist-artist Mwende Katwiwa (“Confronting Histories Old and New with #BlackSpring ”) which spoke at length about the monuments, street names, and other honors bestowed upon the architects of…Read full article

Reader Feedback: Welcome to Ghirardelli City

Last month we ran a critical piece on the newly opened St. Roch Market, written by Andru Okun. As always with matters food-related, New Orleanians responded in droves. Here are some of your comments from…Read full article

Waterloo, Louisiana: An Open Letter to New Orleans

Today’s mantra is: push the envelope, but don’t forget to mail the letter. Let’s be truthful: It is impossible to be honest in New Orleans. And it is even harder to speak to a full…Read full article

Astrocreep: Receive Thy New Possessor

I can’t tell if this is really excellent, spiritually sustaining advice, or a path to guaranteed psychosis, but in this month’s column I will instruct you to develop a detailed personal mythology to underpin your…Read full article

Reality Bites: Hot Dogs!

July is a very special month for me because it’s my birthday! And before you get any ideas about that, I’m a Leo not a Cancer, which—as I’m sure you realize—is a very important distinction….Read full article

Hidden Louisiana: Freaks of Nature

I went to high school in a small suburban town named Evans, Georgia, named after a minor Confederate general. The school was new, freshly built in the far outer suburbs of Augusta. The demographics of…Read full article


‘Roo and Me: Finding That Spark Again on The Farm

Having just wrapped up its 14th year, Bonnaroo still stands as one of the biggest, most diverse music and arts festivals in the world. For better or worse, that means a little something different to…Read full article

Another Round: The Remiss Management of the St. Roch Market

Last month, I explored St. Roch Market’s failure to provide affordable access to basic groceries. Will Donaldson and Barre Tanguis were identified as the duo behind Bayou Secret LLC, the city-designated master tenant of the…Read full article

The Ultra Sounds of Girls Rock! New Orleans

One night, Wayne Shorter walked straight to Miles Davis’ hotel room and knocked on the door relentlessly until Miles got up and opened it. Wayne confessed he couldn’t sleep. He had to come and see…Read full article

A Fetish For The Dramatic: Roddy Bottum Talks About the Return of Faith No More

Formed in roughly 1981 in San Francisco, Faith No More revolutionized the alternative music scene in the late ‘80s and throughout most of the ‘90s with their unique hybrid of funk, metal, and rap. The…Read full article

This Charming Man: Morrissey at the Saenger Theater

Getting Morrissey is an initiation in its own right. Given that it’s rare to hear his songs on the radio (whether from his solo career or from his work with The Smiths), it’s easy to…Read full article

New Summer Theme Park Rides

To counter declining attendance rates and profits, major U.S. theme parks are exploring a more economical approach to the design of new attractions this summer. Inspired by Hollywood and beyond, park engineers are busy developing…Read full article

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Reviews, July 2015

THE BRETON SOUND DON’T BE AFRAID OF ROCK & ROLL, VOL. 1 (INDEPENDENT) The latest from the bearded ones known as The Breton Sound is all about refining their formidable skills to present their tightest…Read full article