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Reviews, August 2015


Letter From the Editor: Wrangling Photographic Cats

Welcome to our third annual photo issue, which we present to you in the most brutal depths of a New Orleans summer. It’s always funny to me how the August AG is a chance for…Read full article

Reader Feedback: Clutch My Pearls

Last month, Andru Okun continued his coverage of the newly opened St. Roch Market (“Another Round: The Remiss Management of the St. Roch Market”). Gentrification, cronyism, and food appear to be a tempting mirepoix for…Read full article

Astrocreep: An Unknowable Position

Venus went retrograde July 25, and will remain so until early September. Retrogrades—the apparent backward motion of a planet respective to the orbit of our planet—are a welcome reminder that change is constant and imperceptible….Read full article


Polo Silk, The Picture Man

Local favorite Sthaddeus “Polo Silk” Terrell has been a fixture of the New Orleans rap scene as its #1 party/event photographer—as well as a fan—since the ‘80s. I’d been meaning to track him down for…Read full article

Photos: Joshua Brasted

“As a photographer I find myself doing something different every day and I never know what each week is going to bring. From experiencing Mardi Gras day on Chris Owens’ Bourbon Street balcony to marching…Read full article

Photos: Gary LoVerde

“I took my first live band photo a little over 30 years ago. I started out using shitty point-and-shoot film cameras. One of them was so shattered, after noticing that I had to stick my finger…Read full article

Photos: Adrienne Battistella

“I probably took my first photo at the age of 7. I had one of those long, skinny film cameras (I think it was pink) that made a wheezing sound when you turned the flash on….Read full article

Photos: Sean Ambrose

“I shoot everything for work. Work is life, love, and service. It’s all the same. My favorite forms to photograph are humans. I shoot to communicate deeper. I  love giving it back to the people I…Read full article

Photos: Kevin Barrios

“My life has been a steady stream of reinvention while somehow maintaining a strangely familiar baseline— drastic career changes, drastic moves, and drastic depletion of funds. But always the same ideals and desires. While scanning…Read full article

Photos: Zack Smith

“Over the past 20 years, the camera has given me the unique ability to tell a variety of stories about remarkable people in the most unique places and situations. Currently I am finishing up the…Read full article

Photos: Patrick Melon

“A lot of my photography has been about me trying to reconnect myself back to my city. I was born and raised in New Orleans but I’ve only just recently begun to realize what it means…Read full article

Photos: Eric Martinez

“Above is a shot of Dr. Marie Butcher getting made up the morning of Fat Tuesday at her mother’s Bywater home. Her crew went to Mardi Gras as a deck of cards from Alice In Wonderland. Below…Read full article

Photos: Musa Alves

“Whether people stay or people go, photographs hold on to a moment that was beautiful, and between just you and them, forever.”

Photos: Breonne DeDecker

“(These images were taken in the fall of 2005) Everything was the color of mud by daylight. A riverine stench hung in the air. Waterlines seemed etched into every house, telephone pole, and car we…Read full article

La Beaute d’Entropie

I was sitting on my couch when it happened. It was a normal weeknight and we had just finished a dinner of spaghetti with my boyfriend’s amazing homemade red sauce. I was in a pair…Read full article

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Reviews, August 2015

Print MOMMA TRIED ISSUE NO. 2 MMXIV (SELF-PUBLISHED) It’s an odd, archaic feeling, sitting at a table with a magazine. The pages are slick and heavy with ink. A thrill of muscle memory shivers up…Read full article