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Letter From the Editor: Wrangling Photographic Cats

Welcome to our third annual photo issue, which we present to you in the most brutal depths of a New Orleans summer. It’s always funny to me how the August AG is a chance for…Read full article


Reader Feedback: Clutch My Pearls

Last month, Andru Okun continued his coverage of the newly opened St. Roch Market (“Another Round: The Remiss Management of the St. Roch Market”). Gentrification, cronyism, and food appear to be a tempting mirepoix for…Read full article

From "Is Man a Free Agent? The Law of Suggestion, Including Hypnosis, What and Why It Is,
and How to Induce It, the Law of Nature, Mind, Heredity, Etc." by James H. Loryea (1902)

Astrocreep: An Unknowable Position

Venus went retrograde July 25, and will remain so until early September. Retrogrades—the apparent backward motion of a planet respective to the orbit of our planet—are a welcome reminder that change is constant and imperceptible….Read full article



Polo Silk, The Picture Man

Local favorite Sthaddeus “Polo Silk” Terrell has been a fixture of the New Orleans rap scene as its #1 party/event photographer—as well as a fan—since the ‘80s. I’d been meaning to track him down for…Read full article


Photos: Joshua Brasted

“As a photographer I find myself doing something different every day and I never know what each week is going to bring. From experiencing Mardi Gras day on Chris Owens’ Bourbon Street balcony to marching…Read full article

Mountain of Wizard at Webb’s Bywater Music

Photos: Gary LoVerde

“I took my first live band photo a little over 30 years ago. I started out using shitty point-and-shoot film cameras. One of them was so shattered, after noticing that I had to stick my finger…Read full article


Photos: Adrienne Battistella

“I probably took my first photo at the age of 7. I had one of those long, skinny film cameras (I think it was pink) that made a wheezing sound when you turned the flash on….Read full article

Photos: Sean Ambrose

“I shoot everything for work. Work is life, love, and service. It’s all the same. My favorite forms to photograph are humans. I shoot to communicate deeper. I  love giving it back to the people I…Read full article

Photos: Kevin Barrios

“My life has been a steady stream of reinvention while somehow maintaining a strangely familiar baseline— drastic career changes, drastic moves, and drastic depletion of funds. But always the same ideals and desires. While scanning…Read full article


Photos: Zack Smith

“Over the past 20 years, the camera has given me the unique ability to tell a variety of stories about remarkable people in the most unique places and situations. Currently I am finishing up the…Read full article


Photos: Patrick Melon

“A lot of my photography has been about me trying to reconnect myself back to my city. I was born and raised in New Orleans but I’ve only just recently begun to realize what it means…Read full article


Photos: Eric Martinez

“Above is a shot of Dr. Marie Butcher getting made up the morning of Fat Tuesday at her mother’s Bywater home. Her crew went to Mardi Gras as a deck of cards from Alice In Wonderland. Below…Read full article

Photos: Musa Alves

“Whether people stay or people go, photographs hold on to a moment that was beautiful, and between just you and them, forever.”


Photos: Breonne DeDecker

“(These images were taken in the fall of 2005) Everything was the color of mud by daylight. A riverine stench hung in the air. Waterlines seemed etched into every house, telephone pole, and car we…Read full article


La Beaute d’Entropie

I was sitting on my couch when it happened. It was a normal weeknight and we had just finished a dinner of spaghetti with my boyfriend’s amazing homemade red sauce. I was in a pair…Read full article

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Reviews, August 2015

Print MOMMA TRIED ISSUE NO. 2 MMXIV (SELF-PUBLISHED) It’s an odd, archaic feeling, sitting at a table with a magazine. The pages are slick and heavy with ink. A thrill of muscle memory shivers up…Read full article