Photos: Patrick Melon

Published  August 2015

“A lot of my photography has been about me trying to reconnect myself back to my city. I was born and raised in New Orleans but I’ve only just recently begun to realize what it means to be from here. I grew up around Mardi Gras and all the other festivities. I had all this amazing culture around me and I eventually turned a blind eye to it because it’s been around me my whole life. It was once I lived in New Jersey for a year, for school, that I actually began to miss home. By the time I came back, my photography skills had improved immensely. This, coupled with my newfound desire to understand my city, has led me to explore it in ways I never had before. Being home in time to be part of Exhibit Be was one of my shining moments. I feel there is an arts renaissance going on in New Orleans right now and I’m just happy to be around to document and be a part of it.”

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Tarriona “Tank” Ball and Charlie Vaughn Jr. at Exhibit Be

Tarriona “Tank” Ball and Charlie Vaughn Jr. at Exhibit Be


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