Humor: Don Donnie University

Published  September 2015

AntigravitySeptember2015WEB_Page_46_Image_0001FALL 2015 COURSE OFFERINGS*

*DDU is fully accredited by the Louisiana Department of Education


ENGL 301 Smug Public Display: Camus to Ginsberg
Holding A Tattered Paperback In Such A Way That Everyone Can Read The Title And Cower Shamefully Before Your Vast Intellect (Prereq: SCULPT 120: Deliberate iPhone Screen Fracture Workshop)

MATH 420 Advanced Impaired Arithmetic
Coming Up With Correct Change While High.

ENGL 251 Subtleties of Digital Communication: Tone Ambiguity in the Modern Text Message

LIT 200 Paradigm Shit: Advent of Excremental Text
Comparison of Modern Literature Before And After Its Most Significant Development, the Poop Emoji

ANTH206 Juggalo Anthropology
Exploration of Pimp Ass Ninjas Showin’ Nothing But Mad Motherfuckin’ Clown Love From Here to Shangri-La; Whoop Whoooooop

SOC 223 Dismissive Sociology
Comprehensive Rebuttal of Structural Racism and Misogyny by Your Roommate Who Has a Lot of Black Friends and Loves “the Ladies”

DANC 430 Clipboard Waltz
Workshop in Contemporary Street-Canvass Evasion

PSYCH 210 Psychology of Passive Aggression
Oh, You’re Going to Take This Course? Hm. OK. I Mean, Yeah, Of Course We’d Love To Have You, As Long As You’re Sure You Want to Be Here. Either Way. Totally Up To You.

ART 150 Superiority in Museum Contemplation
Meditative Techniques in Continuing to Examine Inscrutable Abstract Art Long After Everyone Else Has Moved On, Proving That You, and Only You, Really Understand Kandinsky On, Like, This Whole Other Level

THEA 143 Well… Actually
Intro to Self-Gratification Through Performative Pedantry


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