Letter from the Editor: We Made It

Published  September 2015

AntigravitySeptember2015WEB_Page_03_Image_0001Did you survive the flood… of media coverage, presidential visits, highway closures, special edition snow globes, reflections, and reflections upon reflections that was the 10th anniversary of Katrina? Like a lot of you, I shied away from all that stuff like a vampire avoids the light. I feel about it all the same way I feel about skipping my high school reunions—I live it every day, so why make a big fuss? It’s also hard to commemorate an event which hasn’t really ended, but stretches on from those first cataclysmic levee failures, affecting our lives and decisions to this day. Talking with my parents, who survived Camille and Betsy, we all agreed that you never really get over the most recent hurricane until the next one.

For me, the best way to celebrate this time of year has always been to hunker down and get ready for a busy Fall season. New Orleans makes no secret of its hawd-pawtyin’ nature, but it’s easy to forget sometimes—especially for those who fetishize and mythologize our “way of life” down here—that most of us in this city work and lead normal lives most of the time. This last weekend in August was filled with a lot of pomp and circumstance, but it felt pretty good to be holed up, working feverishly to complete this month’s Antigravity. On one of our last nights before going to press, a few of us went to dinner before settling in for the night’s work. On our walk back to AG HQ, I marveled at the twilight breeze and the street lights, which were just coming on. The neighborhood was quiet, even boring some might say. It was glorious. See, the street lights were on. Sometimes you have to appreciate stuff like that.

Damn, there I went, reflecting and all. Such a raw time of year. Well, enough of that. We remember the fallen, hug the living, and move on. We got a great issue and season ahead of us here at AG and I’m pretty excited to dive in. Here’s to our version of normalcy and the routine that is your monthly dose of perspective. Happy September everybody, we made it!

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