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October 2015 • VOL 13.10 • #135


Letter from the Editor: Short and Sweet

At this late night hour, as we wrap up a huge October issue, words don’t come so good to me, so I’ll keep it mercifully  short. Associate Editor and Drummer Extraordinaire David Jamison calls this…Read full article

Astrocreep: Laugh with the Sinners

Fall has returned and with it, so has football. The sport, depending on who you are, can be many things. It can be an avatar for a city’s emotions, hubris, redemption, folly. It can be…Read full article

Reality Bites: WINGS

When I told friends that I’d be reviewing wings this month, almost everyone asked if I was going to Hooters (and everyone who asked also wanted to go with me). Y’all, just go to Hooters…Read full article

Guidance Counseling: Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers

The Drive-by Truckers are no strangers to New Orleans (or the pages of Antigravity). They have rocked crowds into the ground at late night Tipitina’s shows and charmed festival audiences at Voodoo and Jazz Fest…Read full article

Hidden Louisiana: Rum & Coke

Coastal Louisiana’s intricate mazes of marshes and bayous have long been safe havens for bandits. Perhaps the most known is the pirate Jean Lafitte, a much celebrated local legend, and the namesake of a bar…Read full article


Newspapers vs. Newspeak: Five Key Points About the Most Recent Round of NOLA.com Layoffs

In September 2015, NOLA.com fired 28 more full-time staffers (more than a fifth of NOLA.com’s remaining newsroom) and nine part-timers. These layoffs follow earlier firings of hundreds of longtime local employees, the end of daily Times-Picayune…Read full article

Gang of Four’s Andy Gill: Songs of the Free

In the late ‘70s, as punk rose in its exposure post-Never Mind the Bollocks, Gang Of Four threw down the gauntlet regarding the young genre’s ultimate capabilities. While other bands imitated The Sex Pistols’ gruffness…Read full article

Danzig Q&A: Cover the World in Blackness

Glenn Danzig is an iconic figure in punk and metal. He pioneered horror punk with his band, The Misfits, in the mid-‘70s, then went on to form Samhain. Once signed, Samhain became Danzig, with the…Read full article

Cynthia Connolly: Photographing D.C. Punk’s Salad Days

Banned in D.C., a book of photos documenting Washington D.C.’s early hardcore scene, has only grown in significance to me over the past 15-plus years that I’ve owned it. I grew up in the Northern…Read full article

Top Guns: Antigravity’s Best of the Best for Voodoo 2015

The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience is once again upon us, requesting permission to buzz the hallowed oaks of City Park. It’s a magical time of year, bringing boundless joy to both roving packs of…Read full article

Babes in Toyland’s Lori Barbero: Queen of the Hill

In 1987, a punk trio was born in Minneapolis that would go on to help influence a whole new generation of female rock musicians. With a powerful sound and lyrics that weren’t afraid to visit…Read full article

Histories of Southern Revolt: An Interview with the authors of Dixie Be Damned

Dixie be Damned is a history book about the South unlike any I have ever encountered, challenging the narrative that the South is a passive, politically conservative region. The authors, Neal Shirley and Saralee Stafford,…Read full article

Chelsea Wolfe Live at One Eyed Jack’s: Crazy Love

There’s not much rhyme or reason to the habits and practices attached to my history as a music fan. All throughout high school (which was roughly 189 years ago) I was goth, and that seed…Read full article

The Black Panthers, Vanguard of the Revolution: “The Best Music I Ever Heard”

This year’s New Orleans Film Festival welcomes the first feature-length documentary about one of America’s most revolutionary groups: the Black Panther Party. Born in Oakland in 1966, their cultural and political uprising throughout the ‘60s…Read full article

Humor: Don Donnie’s Discount Halloween Costumes

SEXY COUNTY CLERK Materials: piously formless thermal sweater; ankle-length skirt; persecution complex to obscure muddled understanding of law; Pentecostal hair. Description: best when incorporated into a group with at least two grandstanding Republican politician costumes,…Read full article

Have You Checked the Children? Digesting “Guignol: A Tale of Escalating Horror”

Each Halloween, Brett Schwaner locks himself in his house and grabs a horror story off of the bookshelf. It might be a volume of the Walking Dead, a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, or a…Read full article

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ANN PEEBLES GREATEST HITS (HI RECORDS/FAT POSSUM) With the Hi Rhythm Section backing her up, Ann Peebles released seven albums for Hi Records over the course of the 1970s. While her labelmate Al Green became…Read full article