Astrocreep: Laugh with the Sinners

Published  October 2015

Fall has returned and with it, so has football. The sport, depending on who you are, can be many things. It can be an avatar for a city’s emotions, hubris, redemption, folly. It can be a seasonal scourge, a foolish celebration of masculinity. It can be casual escapism from the powerlessness and boredom of daily life. Or it can be pure spectacle. One of my friends gets so excited when football season is coming that he gleefully yells “Yay! State-sanctioned violence!” (If your feelings don’t bend toward one of those categories, acquire some goddamn complexity, for the sake of astrology.)

From "A Journey in Other Worlds: A Romance of the Future" by John Jacob Astor (1894)

From “A Journey in Other Worlds: A Romance of the Future” by John Jacob Astor (1894)

Life is more exhausting when you think there’s no end in sight. The recurrence of seasons—sports-related or natural—provides a respite from the interminabilityof existence. Cycles provide familiarity, an echo of home, an opportunity to mark time, and a chance to remember (or forcibly ignore), with the landscape’s changing appearance a helpful veil. During the fall I always try to imagine what it would be like to believe in heaven or an afterlife. The idea is as hard to grasp as optimism—on what basis could a person just decide that things will get better someday?

When I look to culture for insight—it is great fodder for divination—in this season of shortening days, when stoking inner warmth is so essential, I am uncertain where to find hope. With music transformed into content, whose sole purpose is to fill out blogs and fests, in turn solely to generate ad revenue, the regime of popularity feels more arbitrary and empty than ever. The belief that eventually good songs will prevail is tempting but seems as whimsical as a belief in heaven. It is more of a consolation, for some reason, to remember that eventually we will all be gone and the alien inhabitants of our planet will only value our music by the utility of its debris in constructing rafts.

The Sun enters Libra on October 3rd. In this period, it may become possible to balance negative, fatalistic ruminations about the state of the music industry with the innate joy in creating and witnessing art. Mercury goes direct on October 9th, signaling the end of its apparent backward motion. Disturbances in communication or understanding may begin to sort themselves out. The New Moon in Libra on October 13th will become a balm to the discomfort in being connected to other people, who invariably will fail to respect you at times, just as you will fail them.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23rd, challenging all of us to shine virtue and courage into our passions. Sometimes “the courage to love” means the courage to persist with a bruised ego from the shortcomings of those you love. Sometimes it means the courage to love without action. Sometimes it demands that we move in partnership toward an uncertain future. Sometimes we move on alone. The Full Moon on October 27th in Taurus invites us to examine the meaning of courage in love with abundant tenderness.



Sometimes, partnerships require a trading off of the responsibility of believing in yourselves. There are times when you are ignorant to the reality that you’re being carried, but more often you’re the one keeping the spirit up. If this causes you to feel depleted, you can gain insight by examining the nature of the working relationship, and also on your own tendencies. With a little effort, you could be an expert in your field. What are the factors that instead pull you toward novicehood? Notable Aries: Max Unger.



When you’re paired with greatness you thrive, but it’s not always clear when it’s time to break away from the pack. Normally when astrologers advise Taurans to mind the balance in their lives, we would be referring to the work/life balance. People born under this zodiac sign tend to be homebodies who need ample time to recharge after a draining workday. But this month, I’m seeing potential for a disruption in a more physical sense of balance. Beware the clumsiness that comes from having your mind wander outside your body. Notable Taurans include Keenan Lewis.



Traditionally, fall is a time to store up energy for the winter. Another more indirect way to do this is to reduce the needs in your life: pare down, simplify. Adopting stoicism paired with a wariness of flashy personalities will support you through the rest of the retrograde of Mercury, your ruler. If you impose a little temporary social austerity on yourself, you may be able to show those who doubt you that you are capable of handling everything the divas in your life dole out. Notable Geminis include Marques Colston.



When you’re in a reflective mood, you ponder why others place such a high value on you. Even though your instincts tell you that your role in life is to be devoted to your friends and family, you can’t always protect those close to you. If you fall short of others’ expectations of you, try to remember there is a reason others believe in you, and let that be an inspiration to do better. For such emotional creatures, Cancers can be inadequate apologizers. For lessons—cautionary and otherwise—this month, Cancers can learn from the career trajectory of defensive end Cam Jordan.



Everyone else can see how promising you are. Can you? Possibly not; sometimes you are blinded by whatever you’ve set out to do next. You may often wish you could be in two places at once, but the laws of physics deny you. But one can achieve a similar end to that impossible dream by maintaining a careful balance of macro/micro thinking. The more you can see, the better split second decisions you can make. This month, sooth your nerves by being near a marsh at dusk. The Saints are powered by a furnace of Leos, including Stephone Anthony, Brandon Browner, Terron Armstead, Jahri Evans, and CJ Spiller.



This month, the critical voice inside your head might not be your own. When it nags at you, try to identify it. Is the source a male family member? Now is a great time to tend to your mind. If you’re prone to insomnia, make a plan now for how you are going to cope with midnight thoughts around winter. Eating fruit will help unlock the primal parts of you that instinctively know how to seek joy. Remember who you are and why people love to know you: because you are dependable, because when you’re at your best you aren’t showy about it. Lean on that knowledge. Notable Virgans include Zach Strief.



Lately, the future feels pregnant with possibility, but the present bears only frustration. You have the ability to clear the way right now, during your birthday season, but you’ll need finesse to detect and enact the subtle, small changes that are necessary. When you’ve been waiting a long time for something, your vision can become distorted. Shakeups in routine can help provide a new perspective. Whether or not you’re a morning person in general, right now the early morning is the time you could have a breakthrough. Notable Librans include Brandin Cooks.




The autumn has a few defining aspects, and the one resonating with Scorpio this month is sacrifice: the implications of giving too much, and the utility of designating a portion of your harvest for a higher power. If you have given too much already, you’ll notice that when you don’t tend to what hurts, it can slow you down. If you can find balance amidst quickly changing, blindsiding circumstances, you will be able to share some important part of yourself for the greater good. Everything relies on your self-trust: because if you overthink or doubt when the decisive moment strikes, you may become overwhelmed. Notable Scorpios include Delvin Breaux.



Archers are demonstrative people, known for effusiveness and even colorful language—whether they are pleased or distraught, like Sagittarian Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan. This is a feature of your fiery personality, Sag, and because I don’t wish for a world in which all living creatures become alike, I would never tell you to change. I will warn you, though, that many people lack the nuance to decipher whether your energetic displays are excitement or outrage. When that line is blurring for you, too, it’s best to check the foundation of your life at home.



It’s not easy for a Capricorn to admit that they need assistance, or a break, or that they are hurting, particularly if it will result in a less experienced or more emotional person stepping up to help out. Seasonal changes often catalyze or bring to light situations like these—exposure of vulnerability in instances where heavy responsibility is being shouldered. Just as Capricorn Drew Brees knows his rest, and Cancer Luke McCown’s time on the field, will be brief, you also must examine places where relief or restoration might be necessary.



This month, your childhood will be on your mind. As you get older, it’s clearer to you that the way you behave has a lot to do with your upbringing. Maybe the formative past is the source of your dependence on praise, maybe it’s not. It’s impossible to know for sure. Aquarians aren’t big on owning up to ego needs, but secretly require validation by way of adoration. When you don’t perform up to your expectations, a lack of security can be at fault. Meditate on how you can be more self-sufficient. Try to remember things you forgot you once knew. Notable Aquarians include Kenny Vaccaro.



As October hits, you are in constant motion. The work you have ahead of you was assigned because of your strength and sincerity, with plans confirmed in midsummer coming into fruition now, and culminating in late winter. In general, this month finds you mostly satisfied with the value others place on you, if a little uneasy at the times you falter. Don’t let your perfectionism lead to a totally paralyzing self-critique. Instead, focus on what modifications you can make to your habits, both to make life easier and also to achieve your lofty goals. Notable Pisceans include Thomas Morstead.

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