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December 2015 • VOL 13.12 • #137


Letter from the Editor: Top 5 Unwritten Intros

If you don’t know this about me already, I’m a sucker for the holidays. Jewish, yes, but still, I dig Christmas. It’s a pretty cozy time of year, and I’m always excited to get my…Read full article

Astrocreep: The Promise of Renewal

Recently, I read a story about Catholicism wherein the remains of St. Maria Goretti were being paraded around the United States, so that people could come pray over the wax-encased bones. I learned that St….Read full article

Guidance Counseling: John Waters

When ANTIGRAVITY landed a feature with the immortal John Waters last December, in advance of his Christmas show at the Civic Theatre, we were over the moon. Imagine our delight when we saw that the…Read full article

Reality Bites: Turtle Power!

Turtle soup tastes like Christmas; it’s my absolute favorite Reveillon dish, and is one of the few soups I enjoy. Turtle soup is such a fun, vintagey dish. I did a little research, and my beloved…Read full article


Allen Toussaint: Advanced Theory

ANTIGRAVITY reached out to our good friend Casey McAllister to share his thoughts on the passing last month of legendary producer, musician, and all-around exemplary citizen of New Orleans and the world, Allen Toussaint.  Casey…Read full article

#BlackTransLivesMatter: Remembrance, Resilience and Resistance

2015 has been the deadliest year nationally and internationally in the trans* community. In the United States alone, at least 21 trans women of color and gender nonconforming people of color (GNC) have been murdered….Read full article

Reportback from TakeEmDownNola Coalition’s Nov. 28 action

If you were in the French Quarter the last weekend of November, you may have noticed something different about  the statues and monuments in the area. On that Saturday (November 28th), the #TakeEmDownNOLA Coalition  conducted…Read full article

Ritual Killer: Parting the Veil

Ritual Killer is one of those bands I thought I’d never see live. They were always an ominous whisper among the underground scene as a band that was somehow a relic,yet ever-present. Inside Siberia, just…Read full article

Heat Dust Tour Diary

Earlier this year, Bryan Funck from Thou approached my band, Heat Dust, about doing a West Coast tour with them and The Body playing as a collaborative band. Needless to say, we immediately said yes….Read full article

The Gospel According to Aurora Nealand

On a sleepy Saturday in 2008, tables were moved around at the now- defunct Sound Cafe to make way for the Panorama Jazz Band, who were scheduled to play a program intended for children. A…Read full article

Buried Treasure: Looking for Deals at the Record Raid

This past November, Record Raid threw down at the Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. Countless vendors showed off their wares: one guy had a large focus on two-dollar records,…Read full article

Humor: Don Donnie’s Discount Christmas

Avoid the consumerist hellscape of traditional gift giving this year, and ring in the holiday season with these budget-friendly alternatives: Jedi Master Toy Lightsaber™ The little Luke or Leia on your list pines for an…Read full article

Top 5 Condo Developments

New Orleans is in the middle of a housing crisis. Home prices and rents are skyrocketing in many neighborhoods. For my 2015 year in review, I decided to spotlight some exciting new housing developments in…Read full article

Top 5 Times Erykah Badu Proved She’s Cooler Than Everyone Else

5. SHE’S THE COMEBACK QUEEN She unearthed herself from her “Rimshot” era relevancy coffin and is all of a sudden, out of nowhere, all over the blogs, doing interviews, hosting  shows, and releasing killer mix-tapes on…Read full article

Top 5 Newsworthy Critters

5. BAYOU ALLIGATOR Various news outlets reported sightings of a few 3 to 4 foot-long gators in Bayou St. John over the summer. One news outlet said they had reports of a man feeding it…Read full article

Top 5 Times White Women Needed to Have All The Seats

It’s been a particularly side eye- inducing year, due to an epidemic my friends and I have dubbed WWF (White Women’s Fuckery). WWF is a very particular way in which white women fuck everything up…Read full article

Top 5 Things I Learned at a Gun Show

One of my ex-classmates recently paid a visit to New Orleans. He’s from Sri Lanka and is not only an avid hunter, but is also a competitive shooter—a real pistol marksman. He has trouble getting…Read full article

Top 5 Humanist Tracks

5. JAMES MCMURTRY “COPPER CANTEEN” Only McMurtry can whip up the kind of lyrics that you recognize both cognitively and emotionally. With a line that says, “Then your breath on my skin still pulls me…Read full article

Top 5 Badass Divas in Book Form

5. CARRIE BROWNSTEIN, HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL I could hardly resist humming the Sleater-Kinney song from which the title of Brownstein’s memoir is taken, because it is spot-on. Hungry for attention since her…Read full article

Top 5 Worst People

5. RACHEL DOLEZAL As a life-long social justice advocate, the white NAACP Spokane Chapter President squandered her status as a civil rights leader on a series of bizarre and fraudulent claims about her own ethnicity….Read full article

Top 5 Local Releases Not Reviewed by Antigravity

5. KAKAFONI “DEATH IN MIND” LP (MANGEL) This “side project” consists of the four guys from Gasmiasma and two veteran Swedish musicians adding to the cacophony (pun intended). Though noise is not the factor, but…Read full article

Top 5 Premium Vapes

“I mix my own for fifteen cents a quart, and it’s great!” No it’s not. You’re a scrub, get away. Strictly. Premium. Vapes. That’s the credo emblazoned on the door to the nomadic VIP Lounge-machine that is…Read full article

Top 5 Trends of 2016

As 2015 winds down, perhaps you can’t help but wonder—what fresh new hell will this next year bring? Using the most modern technology and divination  tools at my disposal, I’ve prepared this trend forecast, guaranteed to…Read full article

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Reviews, December 2015

ADULTS THIS IS OUR YEAR (THIS IS HURRY UP AND WAIT) I have to channel my inner Bryan Funck because I was hoping he’d review this record but dude is so “busy” these days, mostly…Read full article