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Published  January 2016

[Editor’s Note: As with any oracle cursed with such magnificent predestination, we must bid our former astrologer, Mistress Anthropy, adieu as she takes a sabbatical from the monthly slog to recharge and reset. However, AG won’t leave you hanging in the cosmos, so we welcome our new astrologer, Christina, to interpret the heavens for you. We will miss our Mistress deeply but look forward to Christina’s own brand of wisdom and command of the seasons.]

antigravity_vol14_issue1_Page_05_Image_00012016 begins with a feeling of being shot out of a cannon and cartwheeling down to earth. Everything is possible; chaos was so completely a part of our everyday lives in 2015 that we have nearly accepted being in a constant state of shock. We have acknowledged, both in quiet solitude and by screaming at anyone who will listen, that we have no control over anything. The beginning of January is like the quiet after a several months-long storm.

Our immediate response to the beginning of this new year is to want to build something. The sun working its way through Capricorn loves a steady build—to stand back at the end of a day and recognize the small victories that make us want to come back to the project tomorrow, and the things we could have done better to make us want to come back forever. I challenge you to acknowledge your project.

On the 6th of January, Mercury will station retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury rules communication and contracts, and with the “backward” motion of the planet, we see all the disruption it can possibly unleash in these aspects of our daily lives, until it stations direct on January 26th. It does lend itself well to getting to a more trusting place with our intuition, which will be absolutely pivotal in easing into Jupiter stationing retrograde in Virgo on January 8th. Jupiter—the planet of expansion, adventure, and luck—will be in a retrograde phase until May, asking us to understand ourselves more thoroughly emotionally. Virgo, the sign of work and health, has a tendency at times to be hard on itself. This is a time for healing and seeing ourselves at our best. If you feel yourself losing track of that, do something physical. Above all, be kind to yourself.

Venus, the ruler of love, starts this month in Sagittarius (the sign of adventure and wildness). It is all about lightness with Sag, so have fun with your partner, your crush, or yourself. When Venus enters down-to-earth Capricorn on January 24th, it’s time to get real—who do you want to spend your time with? Are the people you are surrounded by now people you will want to be surrounded by in a year?



I want to remind you that you have the energy to maintain your sanity in terms of what the planets have been doling out to you, Aries. 2016 starts with your ruling planet of Mars in opposition to your Sun. Until the fourth of the month, you could feel like every action you take is harder—like you are running through quicksand psychically or physically. Coming off of 2015, where chaotic Uranus was shaking up every aspect of your life, it could spark anger or frustration to begin this year spinning your wheels. Be patient. Be careful and aware of your physical self. A trine from Venus will bring about positive growth in your romantic life this month, and with the retrograde motion of Jupiter and Mercury, you will have much more energy to devote to making sense of how much everything has shifted over the last few months.



You are a cautious being, and with Mars—the planet of action and war—challenging your experience starting on the 4th, there could be a feeling of being pushed a little harder than you may want. Take this opportunity to fight for what you want and get outside of your comfort zone. With the planets of luck, love, and life in positive relationship to your experience, you have a solar system on your side. While it is difficult to get moving, you are safe in your actions this month and will be an unstoppable force once you get rolling. With all of this radiating positive energy swirling, it is reasonable that you could feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the potential. Your moon in Taurus on January 18th and 19th can be a perfect time to recharge for you. Build a fort in your space where you binge watch a TV show.



Venus is in opposition to your sun until January 24th, which will feel like a few weeks-long hug. You have so much beautiful magnetic energy in this time that you could feel like you are the most beloved person to ever walk the Earth. You may laugh at the idea of being the most loved, but allow yourself a re-charge of compassion, indulge your crushes, be celebrated— it will feel nicer than ever. With Jupiter having squared your sun since August of 2015, you could use the positive affirmation and light that Venus brings. Saturn continues to challenge you to define your most healthy self, especially in your relationships. You cannot talk your way out of this one, and the more you avoid dealing with the things that make you feel unhealthy, the harder they become. With a heightened ability to understand what you need to be your best emotional self, it is a good time to start getting rid of the relationships, work, and ideas that don’t serve you well.



As 2016 gets moving, I want you to truly consider what caring for yourself looks like, Cancer. You have a tendency to care for many, create space that holds you together, and mother. There are some challenging aspects coming your way this month, and a very empowering way to get through it is to lean on the community that you have so carefully crafted and nurtured. Mars is in trine to your sun sign starting on the 4th of this month, and it lends so much ability and access to what actions we need to take to live our best lives. The rest of the world will be carefully sorting through their emotional selves this month, which happens to be your experience at all times. Find your guide in this time: the person or people who allow for the level of expertise you have in navigating the emotional self, but also accept you for losing your shit at videos of puppies. We are at the beginning of a huge cycle of feelings and internal processing, and you can reach new levels of personal understanding if you find a balance between being held and holding others.



2016 starts just the way you would love, Leo. Everybody wants you and you know exactly what you need. With the planet of love in a positive trine and the planet of action in a magical sextile to your sun, you move through the world with praise and assurance. The focus of this month should be to acknowledge what systems and situations you want to master. If you are feeling confused or indifferent about an aspect of your life, it is a good time to look at it with fresh eyes and clear problem- solving skills. The retrograde phase of Jupiter may bring some unusual feelings of deep self reflection, but understanding your deepest parts of self this month will help to better inform all of the budding opportunity in your workings.



This month is bringing a lot of fresh new energy into your life. A positive influence of the sun and Mercury bring new ideas about the way you present yourself to the world around you, and an unusual train of ideas about how you want to be heard. You are hyper-aware of how you could be perceived, and now is a time to put your best foot forward without the usual anxiety that may surround big moves. This is an incredible, important month for your love life. You can achieve the balance of fun and health (that is so important to the Virgo life) in your existing or new relationships. Pay very close attention to how you are feeling and who you are meeting between the dates of January 22nd and the 25th.



2015 was a difficult year to recognize your own sense of balance. It was as if the universe was throwing you a curve ball every time you thought you had figured it all out. While 2016 will be a year that provides a constant stream of inspiration and challenge, the challenges are much less complex. You will start the year with an incredible ability to navigate your world with more confidence and ease. As we are all in a phase of self-reflection this month, Libras will benefit greatly from reflecting on what form of therapy best serves you creatively. Make things, sing, and find balance through creating beauty. Acknowledge and honor your own beauty, which may have been lost in the turmoil of 2015. If you are unable to make a choice right now, access your personal truth in solitude, doing something you love on the 29th and 30th of this month.



Mars, the planet of war and passion, will enter your sign on the 4th. Now is the time to tackle the things that you have been putting off physically or emotionally. As a naturally self- reflective sign, you know the things that you need to do to live your best life, and with Mars working in your favor, you can make very big moves this month. The passion that exists in your life will get a magical push when, on the same day, the moon enters Scorpio and aligns your feelings with your passion, bringing a very well-rounded decision your way. When the Sun makes a square to Scorpio on the 21st, it will challenge your dedication and confidence in the moves you are making. But when you face your vulnerability head-on this month, the outcome has the potential to be very profound.




When Venus is in the same sign as our sun sign, love can feel like it is the only true goal we have. With the wild heart of Sagittarius being met by the giant defining heart of Venus, we find ourselves in love with life, wanting to do as much as possible, meet as many people as possible, find the adventure and the weirdness in as many situations as we can and get EVERYTHING. The chaotic energy of Uranus in Aries also brings these feelings. The reality is, Sagittarius, sometimes you have to do tasks that just come up every day, like going to work. Or eating. January encourages redefining your experience so that everything is an adventure. You are very magnetic in this time, and it’s a good time to keep your eyes and heart open to everything being possible.



The sun brings light to your knowledge of self through the 20th of the month, and with all of the self-reflective energy of positively-aspected Jupiter, it’s an incredible time to see how hard work pays off. Reflect on what you have accomplished, and how you want the world around you to perceive you, because everybody is paying attention now. On the 24th of this month, Venus enters your sign, making you very magnetic and attractive to most people you encounter through the end of the month. Take this opportunity to engage in a new relationship or business venture, as you have everything to gain this month.



There are a lot of things happening below the surface this month, Aquarius. When you think about exploring the unknown or the darkness in your mind, what are the obvious paths to take? The challenge this month is to connect to your spiritual self. Become obsessed with it, follow and worship your dream life. On the 20th, the sun enters your sign, bringing a lot of truth to the surface. Are you hung up on someone that you are refusing to acknowledge because of the complexity of your feelings? Peace comes from facing the things that you need to take action in this month. Dig deep.



Your imagination is in full swing this month, and it is a perfect time to follow through with some of the beginnings of your dreams. The sun and moon are in positive aspects to your sign on the 13th, bringing together the emotional tides and reality of light in all your dreamy goals. When you are quietly daydreaming, what is at the center of your ideas? Share your ideas with the closest women in your life and allow space for daydreams to become tangible realities this month. The retrograde motion of Jupiter will lend a hand in clarity regarding an inner emotional working that the past year may have been too chaotic for you to access. Where do your wounds lie, Pisces? This is a profound time for healing your heart, your body, and your spirit.

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