Star Hustler: Nuclear Mardi Gras

Published  February 2016

ANTIGRAVITY-FEB2016-WEB_Page_05_Image_0002There has been a lot of scientific debate in the last few years about whether or not Pluto is a planet. Its orbit around the sun is so erratic and takes such a long time that no life could possibly live there. It is too small to move things out of its path, so it got demoted scientifically. Astrology is based in collective thought, relationships between events, and what was or is happening in the sky. Pluto was first discovered in 1930 by an Aquarius astronomer. Eight years later, a pair of Piscean chemists discovered nuclear chemistry. Pluto, in an astrological sense, is symbolically the atomic bomb to a sign or birth chart. When it moves into a part of your life, it completely transforms the space, leaving no trace of who you once were, how you believed, or how you cope. Capricorns, for example, have had Pluto in their sun sign since 2008. The power of it demands rebirth, resilience, and growth in a totally unfamiliar territory. February starts out with Mercury conjunct Pluto, from the 1st to the 5th, in Capricorn. It will demand that you transform the way you are thinking about things, space, and people. During this time, you might find yourself confused about how to communicate these moves. It is okay to give yourself space to explode into new territory and reassemble when the pressure has lifted. Sometimes, the surprise of how completely and quickly you move away from someone or something during this time can make it feel unreal. The power of Pluto can make a space unlivable forever in a matter of hours, and it’s good to move through the mental blocks that may have felt like boulders previously. This will be especially true in the first two days of the month while Mercury is squaring up with chaotic Uranus, which will bring all new ways of thinking and challenging your mentality. Fight for what you believe in but listen closely to the argument that is being brought—it’s a time for all new angles of reality in our thought.

From the 6th to the 10th of February, the sun is squaring Mars, SO JUST BE CAREFUL DURING MARDI GRAS OKAY? This is a time where fights and injuries are more likely and aggression more acute. Watch your feet during the parade. If you feel like you’re going to fight with your people, go for a careful walk. You don’t need to argue with a stranger about honking their horn in your face. We are all trying to party and Jupiter is still retrograde, promoting peace at all times. If you feel yourself having physical feelings of aggression, focus on breath. Get out of breath. Cry. Physically move in a way that makes you feel like you are exercising your mood.

Venus in Capricorn will make a lovely trine to Jupiter from the 8th to the 13th, taking our down-to-earth love life to an elevated dreamy space full of affection and admiration. Find and share the thing you think is the most beautiful about the people around you. Take your crush to your favorite place. On the 18th, Venus enters Aquarius, which brings surprising and unusual romantic partners. Combined with the force of so much change at the beginning of the month to our way of thought, the way we take action, and how we talk about things, Venus in Aquarius is a good time to try something different in our love lives.



Your wild heart is finally being fed in a way that truly challenges and intrigues you this month. Slowly, very slowly, chaotic Uranus is transforming the way that you see yourself and the world around you, and has been since 2010. Sometimes, as an Aries, it’s freeing to imagine that while the bridges you are crossing are unclear and treacherous, at the very least you can burn those bridges to nothing. You are being asked this month to recognize how you got across, how you made it through. What is healing in your daily routine? What can you do to celebrate the things you have survived in the last couple days or years? With Mercury moving between your public persona and friendships this month, maybe you need to gather your group to tell your tale. Maybe you need to shout from a rooftop about how you got over. Whatever you do, recognize that destruction and movement are among your most profound gifts, and it’s time you present the new you, or at least the growing you, to the world.



When was the last time you made something? Really spent a whole day or month stubbornly exploring a creation that exists in your brain? The stars are aligned for the beginning of a thorough, potentially spiritual, creative period this month. Growth and uncertainty are so uncomfortable for you, Taurus, but Mars is asking you to check in with the health of your long-term relationships. Do you put up with things that aren’t serving you well to create a more peaceful nest? Are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to experience the intensity and difficulty of functioning with someone long term? Celebrate the people who have made you feel safe and secure to be your cautious, obsessive self. With your ruling planet Venus in your house of adventure and freedom until the 18th of this month, you will gain a lot in your love life by going outside of your comfort zone. “Comfort zone” is such a vast and varied term, but know that if you face your vulnerability head-on in the beginning two-thirds of the month, there is a transition of the sun into your house of community and friendship on the 20th, which will feel even more satisfying to enter with a story to tell of your bravery.



A lesser-known trait of Gemini is that they gain a lot from argument. Sometimes, I see a Gemini fight about something just to understand the other side of it from a screaming standpoint. Sometimes, a Gemini does best by standing on top of their argument, no matter how flimsy or lonely, just to be right. This month, Gemini, there is something you will not be able to back down from. This is a time where writing, reading, and screaming about justice and fairness will be unavoidable and I want you to feel empowered to make it your loudest argument yet. The Gemini voice is ruled by an obsessive need for truth and information; you are equipped to take on the social issues of yourself, your home, and the people you love. This month also starts an internal investigation into what home means to you, and how you share and create space to live in. You have a tendency to live in your thoughts and experiences, so checking in with your space might feel a little foreign at first. With a cluster of planets in your house of adventure, a new home, city, or country might be right around the corner.



Very transformative energy is happening in your house of love this month, Cancer. Mentally and emotionally, I want you to pay close attention to where your love life is until the 14th of this month. Pluto is bringing new energy into your love life. It could be a new love, a new perspective on a long-term relationship, or an important split to make room for something more rewarding. As a Cancer, you could have a tendency to shy away from big swift changes, but this change is necessary and beautiful for your brain and heart. The sun will be in your 8th house until the 19th, which brings a lot of need for seclusion and self-reflection. While you are no stranger to nesting and creating private time and space, this is also an incredible time to teach yourself something. Starting on the 20th of this month, there is very rewarding energy around breaking through your shell. Go out more, see people you have fun with, get into something you don’t do every day. Self-expression, creativity, and silliness are more accessible this month than usual.



It might feel a little early for spring cleaning, but this month is about a lot of change for you, Leo. Mars wants you to change your living space. Maybe move, maybe move things around, maybe light a candle for the people who were in the space before—but there will be an absolute need for action in the home. Be careful not to take the restless energy around home out on the people you share your space with. But if there is a problem with someone you are sharing a living space with, it is a good time to work through it. Until mid-month, the planets of love and communication are in your house of health, bringing a lot of healthy perspectives and new ideas to your daily living and job. This is a good time to find a new job if you have been searching, or perhaps a different job if you have been bored. On the 20th, the sun will enter your 8th house, which will help to more deeply understand the space you hold in the world emotionally.



As a health-conscious being, there is a lot to juggle as a Virgo. Making sure that you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually connected to what is best for you is a never-ending process. Pluto has been in your house of creativity since 2008, bringing a lot of transformative energy to the process of making things or showing yourself as a performer to the world around you. Taking the limelight is difficult for most Virgos, so navigating the pressure and interest in being someone who makes something for the masses is tough. With a positive influence of mental and loving energy, your creative force could feel unstoppable until mid-month. This will be especially helpful with the sun in your 6th house of work and health until the 19th, bringing a very practical look at why and how the creative process matters to your life and experience. On the 20th, the sun will enter your house of long-term relationships, bringing new light to an existing confusion around who you might want to spend an extended time with romantically.



This month, it is time to invest in something for your house or creative process. Money-making and money- getting is easier this month, and there might even be an excess of opportunities to earn or win cash. Home is something that has been ever-changing over the last few years, and this month there is special energy around creating space that feels like your own and mentally feels healthy and happy. With Mercury in a square to your sun sign until the 14th, you could second guess yourself now even more than usual. The reality is, there may be more critical ideas about who and how you are during this time, but please remember haters are gonna hate, especially when you have new things and opportunity. The retrograde phase of Jupiter—which is about accessing your emotional truth—is happening in your house of deep internal emotional acknowledgement. Until May, you are really facing your internal emotional self. There is no rush on figuring it out, but make sure to allow it to unfold and explore the feelings that present themselves.



Let’s get real, Scorpio—the amount of personal responsibility, transformation, and action that you have had to take over the last year has been just… too much. This month, with Mars in Scorpio for the entirety of the month, it could feel like every molecule of your body is being tested when you aren’t living as your most authentic self. So, the question is this: with the knowledge that you have the ability and power now more than ever to build and embrace a super version of the person you want to be, what does that super version look like? If you have a hard time accessing that information because it feels like it’s changing constantly, your platonic relationships are especially helpful this month in helping you realize what you are capable of. On the 20th, I urge you to recognize and celebrate the leaps and bounds you have made over the last year. Invite people to party with you and then force them to carry you around like you won the World Series (not at all a joke, you deserve it).



It is time to turn those dreams into reality. This month is brought to you by an after-school special slogan, but is genuinely what is happening to you. Mars is in the house of dreams and secrets, and wants to take action in the parts of yourself that you might keep hidden from the world. Between the 18th and 20th, Venus and the sun bring good luck to your sign, making it a perfect time for positive outcomes related to things that might feel very private. The first two weeks of the month, you can communicate your thoughts and desires very clearly and with ease. Be careful around taking on more than you can handle during this month. You are in a period where people are watching to see what you will do next and waiting for their cue from you. The only way you can lead now is through indulging your dreams and wildness and leading by example. It is perfect to work through the things you want instead of trying to cater to other people’s expectations (which will be very clear and pronounced this month).



When you think back to exactly one year ago, and what you were doing as February started, was there anything you learned or talked about with someone that completely changed the course of the rest of your year? For the first five days of this month, Mercury is conjunct Pluto, which will have a profound impact on something related to communication in your life. The bigger the goal the better—if you want real change, it is time to make it happen with all your mental might. Mercury will hang out in your 1st house, helping you convey your thoughts, ideas and missions until the 18th. And with Venus in the same house, you will have a lot more attention and affection than you might be used to. On the 20th, clarity will be brought to a very confusing situation in your life. Search for whatever answers you might need around this time, because mentally you will be clearer than you have felt for the last year. February is also a great time to reconnect and regain some of your friendships through an activity or action.



This is your month! As the ruling sign of all things weird, the stars are aligning to bring some fresh, weird energy into your life during this month, Aquarius. The sun, which brings attention, lightness, and healing energy to whatever it touches, will be gracing your 1st house of identity and personhood until the 20th. Take this time to celebrate yourself and a world that nurtures such an unusual heart. Mid-month, Mercury (the planet of communication) and Venus (the planet of love) will also be in your 1st house, bringing a much needed bolt of electricity to your ideas and love life. Mars, the planet of action, is in your house of public displays through the entire month, which is a great time to get some public projects off the ground. Have you been meaning to give a talk, make a piece of artwork, or write something that inspires? Do it now!



Chiron is a star that many astrologers have deemed the wounded healer. This energy holds the keys to where and how we have our wounds, and how we best heal ourselves and the world around us. Chiron has been in your 1st house of identity along with spiritual, mystery- bringing Neptune since 2011. Every year since 2011, on February 19th, the sun graces this confusing, healing, spiritual, psychic energy with a touch of warmth and acknowledgement. For a person who lives in such a profoundly emotional existence, this is the period to feel human and like you are getting special attention from the stars until the end of the month. This month also brings some secret romantic feelings to the surface, and connecting to a new lover or an existing one is very intuitive through the 18th. Mars, the planet of action, wants you to start planning a trip this month. Remember when you were little and spun a globe to decide where you were going to live as a grown up? I might suggest that as a vacation plan. Any time you trust that the universe has your back this month, you will win big.



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